15 Things I Really Don't Need
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15 Things I Really Don't Need

But made sure I bought.

15 Things I Really Don't Need
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At the end of every summer, I stare at my bank account in shock wondering how every dollar I spent my summer earning is exactly that -- spent.

I go through my bank statements and justify every single dollar I spent. Until I sit there looking at a list of a million things I convinced myself I really needed.

1. Sorority Shirts

Am I lying to myself every time I say I’ll wear it after graduation? No I totally will. Not four years, for life, am I right?

2. A venti Starbucks every morning

What is so awful about a grande? I mean besides everything.

3. Five pairs of white sneakers

But my Converse are different from my Adidas which aren’t at all like my Nikes, right?

4. Concert T-Shirts

If you watched my snap story you know I went to the Bieber concert. Do I really need two t-shirts and a sweater?? Mhmm.

5. Throw pillows

They make all the difference on the bed and that’s a fact.

6. A million kinds of pimple creams

But they’re all so different. This one moisturizes and this one dries so naturally, I need both because I might suddenly develop acne overnight.

7. Black leggings

If the other hundred pairs I’ve bought are all dirty, I'll totally need this spare.

8. Lip gloss and Lipsticks

Do I wear them? No. Am I the first person online as soon as Kylie releases a new kit? Hell yes.

9. High Heels

They’re so pretty and look amazing in my closet and maybe I'll go to a wedding or something since every Pepperdine student is engaged.

10. Apps

I know I won’t be playing this game in two weeks but right now I totally need 3000 extra lives and they only cost $99.99 so it’s a steal. Plus a Kimoji is the only acceptable response to any text ever.

11. Shipping costs

Would it be cheaper to shop in the actual store? Yes. Is it worth it to put on pants? No.

12. Uber

I could walk, but no, thank you, I’ll pay this guy to drive me 3 miles.

13. Phone cases

Safety first!!!!!

14. Workout classes and gym memberships

Apparently I'm won’t turn into a Victoria's Secret angel overnight so I should definitely buy 100 classes and 5 year gym membership that I won’t use.

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