Winter break only consists of about six weeks, therefore I need to fit in as much as I possibly can. Mostly because in those next six weeks, I will have to go back to doing everything related to school. I might as well enjoy this time while I can and do everything now that I can't do during school.

1. Sleep

2. Eat my parent's food (because college food is not as good)

3. See my friends

4. Work so I can make money for when I'm at school

5. Spend as much time with my dog as possible

6. Catch up with my family

7. Spend all of my holiday money on things I probably don't need

8. Try out some new recipes

9. Catch up on my TV shows

10. Nap whenever I want

11. Go into town / to the city

12. Binge watch Netflix

13. Drive around listening to music

14. Go ice-skating

15. Clean out my closet

16. Read a book

17. Try being artistic and paint a canvas

18. Probably sleep some more