17 Things Only Dancers Understand
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17 Things You'll Only Understand If You Are – Or Ever Were – A Dancer

Are we human, or are we dancers?

17 Things You'll Only Understand If You Are – Or Ever Were – A Dancer
Brianna Baker


1. "One more time" is always a lie.

You KNOW when your teacher says “let's do that one more time," they actually mean 10.

2. That one person who always asks way too many questions.

We all know that girl (or those girls): "Is the leg straight or slightly bent?" "Where do our arms go?" "What's our emotion in this eight count?" "Could you repeat that, please?"

Questions are great, but can you PLEASE just try the choreography first and see what others are doing and then ask any IMPORTANT questions, so we can get out of here on time? Please and thank you.

3. Walking into the gas station in a crop top and booty shorts after class...

We've all been there: class just ended and you desperately need water, so you head into your local Wawa (or Sheetz, or whatever gas station you have in your neck of the woods) to get some refreshments, only to have fellow citizens glare at you for your attire. Yes, I am aware that I am wearing little clothing. No, it is not for fashion or for your viewing pleasure, but rather for the fact that my studio just happens to be hot af.

And yes, I'm aware that this really only applies to my fellow lady dancers out there...sorry, guys!

4 ...and after a recital.

Cue the odd looks and glances for the insane amount of makeup you have on, in addition to the crazy hair and lashes.

5. You're able to dance for hours, but you can't run for five minutes.

We can't explain why this is so, and we wish we had the answer.

6. "Can we just have a stretch day?"

Spending the whole class stretching > working on technique.

7. Realizing that there are 7-year-olds better than you.

It's just not right: little children should not be able to do 10 pirouettes and have the perfect side leap. Go back, put on your little ballet slippers, and do some tondeaus.

8. Quick changes.

My question is: how can we completely change costumes and hair in like .3 seconds for a recital, but we take an hour to get ready on a normal day?

9. "Nutcracker season."

Whether or not your studio puts on its own rendition of the production itself, you know it's getting close to Christmastime when your typical ballet warmup tunes are replaced with songs from the classic ballet. And you know every single one by heart.

10. Watching dance videos on YouTube/Instagram/etc...and then hating yourself afterward.

WHY can't I be as good as Maddie Ziegler or as some of the Royal Family dancers? WHY am I trash? UGH, not fair!

11. Accepting the fact that you will never have “pretty” knees or feet.

With the insane amount of stress we put on our feet and knees, the bruises and cuts are inevitable.

12. Three words: crazy dance parents.

Dance moms aren't just a reality television show: crazy dance moms (and dads) do exist in the dance world. You know who they are: they wear the studio shirt, start unnecessary drama, and truly believe that their kid is the best thing since sliced bread.

13. The showoffs.

There's one (or a few) in every class. We get it: you're flexible, and you can do 37 a-la-secondes. Just do what the teacher says and stop having your own little practice/show-off session in the front.

14. Comparison.

As dancers, we never feel like we’re good enough. We compare ourselves to the dancer onstage, on the screen, and next to us in the studio. We compare technique, skills, appearance, body shape, etc. It’s a huge struggle, especially when these comparisons go too far and hurt our mental health, and this is unfortunately something that many dancers face.

15. Looking like a complete idiot at dance parties.

Let me make one thing clear: real dancing and the "dancing" involved at parties and clubs are NOT the same thing. It's pretty difficult to break out into a grande allegro sequence in the middle of the dance floor, so unless you're a hip-hopper, you kinda just stand in the corner doing some little jazz or hip-hop choreo you learned in class.

16. Choreographing dances in your head to literally any song you hear.

We simply cannot listen to a single song without mentally choreographing/dancing along with it.

17. Once a dancer, always a dancer.

Even if you don't train on a daily basis anymore, once you've invested so much time, energy, money, and love into the sport, you still consider yourself to be a dancer...and rightfully so.

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