1. Your photos are great, you must have a nice camera!

Unfortunately, cameras cannot create beautiful images on their own... shocker, right?! The person posing the subject, strategically using light and creating the composition of the photo would be me, the photographer.

2. If you take my photos for free I’ll tell everyone you took this photo of me!

Exposure doesn’t pay my bills or put dinner on the table.

3. Can you send me all the unedited photos?

An unedited photo is like an unfinished product, and who wants to pay for one of those? As the photographer half of my job is taking the photo. The other half includes post processing the photo (editing, retouching, etc.) so it looks professional reflects my style as an artist.

4. Do you have a real job too?

Actually, this would be my real job. Running a photography business is more than clicking the shutter button. It’s marketing yourself, managing your shoots, calculating expenses and dealing with clients… not to mention the actual photo session countless hours of editing.

5. Why can’t you send us the photos the day after the event?

Because out of the 800+ photos I took, I need to download them to my computer, select the best ones, edit each photo, upload them to your gallery and send them off to you. I will happily send you two or three sneak peeks the next day per request!

6. Can you make me look younger/ thinner?

I could, but it would take me ages (yes, that pun was intentional). The amount of time it would take to make those changes would incur extra charges too.

7. Since we’re friends, can I have a discount?

As my friend, I hope you can understand that this is my job, not my hobby. I am running a business and not taking photos for fun. Part appreciating what I am creating is understanding that my services are worth being paid for.