As I get older, I realize there are still traditions, memories, and items I loved as a child that I still do just as much. There are certain things little or big that I'll always try to hold on to. When I mentioned it to my friends they all agreed, somethings from our childhood are just too great to let go of.

1. Target trips with my mom.

This tradition started when I was around 13, but now every time I come home from school the first thing I ask is, "Mom, can we go to Target?"

2. Movie nights with my parents.

The last time I came home, my parents and I rented the movie, " A Star Is Born." It was a nostalgic moment for me as it was something my parents and I had done a hundred times before. But it was comforting to know some things will always stay the same.

3. Snuggling up with my dog.

She's always there for me when I need comfort, and for that I will be forever grateful for her.

4. Watching a classic Disney movie, and probably singing along.

The Lion King will always be my go to.

5. Going out for an ice cream cone.

Sometimes getting a cone instead of a cup just makes it so much better.

6. Going to an amusement park.

Loving rollercoasters is a part of who I am. Disney World and Universal Studios will always be places I look forward to going to.

7. Making sand castles at the beach.

I love tanning as much as the next girl, but I also love making sand castles.

8. Taking a nice long nap.

Sometimes after a long day of classes, it's just necessary.

9. Asking my parents for advice.


College is hard and I'm sure after will be harder. But I know my parents have been there and will always have the best advice.

10. Going dancing with my friends.

Dancing with my friends is one of the most fun, stress relieving, and freeing feelings.

11. Dressing up for Halloween.

I'll be the first to admit I love when the stores start pulling out Halloween decorations and every year I always like to plan out my costume at least a month ahead.

12. Finding my Easter basket every year.

My mom still surprises me most years with an Easter basket. I'm not sure if she knows, but It's a great feeling.

13. Having tons of pillows and blankets on the bed.

I'm one of the only people that still do this, but no matter how hot it is, I'll always have my three favorite blankets (something my boyfriend doesn't agree with). And what could go wrong with too many pillows?

14. Snow Cones and Slushies in the summer.

This is a summertime favorite that I'll never outgrow. Snow cones are the perfect sweet treat to help you cool down after a lake day.

15. Making silly videos with my friends.

I blame snapchat filters for this one.

16. Having sleepovers with my best friends.

At 19 years old, sleepovers are still just as fun as they were 10 years ago.

17. Eating spiral/character mac n' cheese.

Although not very nutritious, it's still just as satisfying as it was as a child.

18. Taking a nice warm bubble bath.

With all the products that Lush Cosmetics offers for the bath tub, who can blame me?

19. Taking a break to paint.

Not only a creative outlet, but sometimes the best study break for me is painting.

20. Sneaking raw cookie dough.

I try not to but sometimes I can't resist.

21. Having a tickle fight with someone.

Getting tickled and tickling someone is pure fun. Although sometimes dangerous, most of the time it's a good laugh.

22. Wearing my warm fuzzy socks


A must during the winter, even though most of my fuzzy socks have crazy patterns.

23. Sporting my boyfriends clothes.


There's something about my boyfriend's clothing that is so much more comfortable and soft than my own.

24. Sporting my best friend's clothes.


We both have hundreds of clothing articles in our closets, but wearing each other's when we go out is way more fun.

25. Swinging on the park's swing-sets.

Swinging on a swing-set feels like I'm six years old again and freeing my soul.

26. Decorating the tree and jamming out to Christmas music.

The classics not the new stuff, unless it's Justin Bieber.

27. Watching Christmas movies.

I've seen The Santa Clause trio and Elf 50 times, and I'm sure I'll watch them 50 more times before I get sick of them.

28. Laughing uncontrollably, sometimes forgetting what about.

Those laugh fits when you can't finish the story because you can't stop laughing, those are my all time favorite.

29. Going to the movies.

Every now and then it's a must to get overprices candy and popcorn to see a movie. No matter how bad the movie could be, it's always a good time.

30. Cuddling with my favorite stuffed animal.

When I was two my parents took me to the zoo and I picked out this stuffed tiger. He's a bit rough and warn out now, but still just as special.

31. Using glitter for EVERYTHING.


In my make up, in my crafts, sometimes even on my clothes, I love it all.

32. Sleeping in on the weekends.


Getting to sleep in on the weekends if I don't have anywhere to be is something I don't ever want to give up.

33. Playing with makeup.


Getting a new makeup palette or bringing me into Sephora is just as exciting as a kid in the candy store.

34. Holding hands with someone close.

Holding hands is such a sweet and simple gesture, but it's a comforting one and it always will be.

35. Writing in my journal.

I try to write every day. When I was 8 years old I had a fuzzy purple diary with a lock on it that I would write in. Not much has changed, I've just upgraded to a leather one.