9 Things You Never Thought You'd Miss in College

9 Things You Never Thought You'd Miss in College

Reflecting back on the high school days.

Although I'd much prefer college over high school, there are definitely some things you miss that you never thought you would've. Now into my second semester at Syracuse, I'm picking up some of those things every now and then, and I'm sure you can relate.

1. Snow days

If you go to school in the tundra-like I do, you get blasted with snow daily. You'd think when they have to bust out the bulldozers to clear the sidewalks that maybe they'd cancel classes that day, or at least give you a delay. Well, your wrong so good luck trudging through the snow all day.

2. High school teachers (certain ones)

There are just certain subjects that can become really unnecessarily confusing when you're in a lecture with 200 other kids with a professor teaching the same lecture for the third time in a row that day. Everything becomes way more complicated, unlike the way it was in high school.


The furthest I had to walk in high school was the quick 30-second walk from my car to the main door, and you could get away with dry sneakers on a snowy day if you sprinted to the door. Here, you get to walk 20 minutes through a blizzard looking like a complete marshmallow while still freezing your ass off. Sounds enjoyable right?

4. Classes can go until 10 p.m.

In high school, your day ended around the same time every day. Here, every day is different. One day you start at 9:30 and end at noon, and the next you start at 11 am.. and end at 10 p.m. Working in a chemistry lab at 10 o' clock at night isn't exactly my idea of fun, but suit yourself.

5. Sleeping

Need I say more?

6. Real food.

It's no secret dining hall food is not your 5-star restaurant, and no one can afford to eat out daily so instead you live off coffee and granola bars every day.

7. Time

you're always busy, and when you aren't busy, you feel guilty for not doing something. There's always something that needs to be done or something to get ahead on.

8. Money

this one is obvious, but does college really have to be so expensive??

9. Seeing the same people every day

This could've been a bad thing in high school, but in college you really have to make the effort to see your friends especially if they don't live in your hall. When it's -10 out and snowing, is walking all the way across campus to see someone really worth it? Thats for you to decide.

Don't get me wrong I love college and everything about it, and these things really aren't the biggest deal. But it's always interesting to compare high school and college.

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Read This For The Moments In College You Just Want To Give Up

You got this kid.


Your stress is real. Your stress is valid. There is no reason to feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed when you know everyone else is just as overwhelmed. You feeling overwhelmed and stressed is just as valid.

Yes, it may seem like assignments are never-ending. It may seem like you cannot get all your poop in a bucket. It may seem like you do not have this. But you do.

Because you are strong and you have made it this far. It does not matter if you are in the first weeks of your classes or in the last weeks. You made it this far and you should be proud of yourself for all the work you have done.

Finances may be tight, but know it won't be this way for long. You have a community around you who know finances like the back of your hand and know how to help you make the right money moves. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to need help. Just breathe, and reach out.

Grades may not be where you want them to be. However, look at the points you have earned and be proud that you have earned points. Look at your future assignments and plan accordingly and be prepared to celebrate your future success.

Take the time to reach out to your professors, even if they seem unapproachable, take a chance. 9 times out of 10 they will be more than happy to assist you and give guidance on how to be successful in their classes. Make sure to utilize your resources your school provides as well (tutoring, academic help center, librarians, friends in your courses, IA's/TA's). It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to need help.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in for ten seconds and hold your breath. Let it out slowly and know that you are human. You are a human created in the image of our wonderful maker who knows your heart, knows your struggles, knows your situation and knows your worries. And is ready to have you lean into him for rest, peace, and wisdom. All you have to do is ask for his will to be done.

You are smart, no matter what your GPA says. You are qualified to be here. You have the right to your education. You have the power to change your situation. There is always a way out or a way to fix the issue or issues at hand. It simply just is picking up the phone and calling that person for help. It is simply emailing your counselor asking for resources. It is simply talking to that scary professor, who after you speak with, really isn't that scary.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in for ten seconds and hold your breath. Let it out slowly and know that you are human. Know that you are wanted, you are valued, and you feeling this way is okay. And there is someone out there who wants to hear about your worries and wants to help you.

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Just Because You're Not Where You Want To Be Now Doesn't Mean You'll Never Get There, So Stop Running

Work toward your future, but don't miss the beauty of where you are right now.


What do you want to do with your life? Where are you trying to go? Where are you now?

What motivates you? Are you afraid you'll never get where you want to go?

Why are you rushing through life?

Ferris Bueller once said...

And it's true.

But sometimes it feels like you're running out of time. Sometimes it feels like if you're not where you want to be now, you'll never get there. Sometimes it feels like you constantly have to run to the next part of life.

And that's not true.

You have time.

I know that's easy to hear and harder to actually listen to. It's something I've struggled with too.

I haven't traveled to all the places I want to visit. I haven't written a book. And I haven't bought a house with a wrap-around porch. Yet.

Because that's not where my life is now.

I haven't been to California, but I've been to Washington, DC. I haven't written a book, but I have an English degree. I'm not in a financial place to buy a house, but I am renting a great apartment. Because that's where my life is right now.

Before this stage in my life, I felt behind. I was always looking ahead to where I wanted to be—to what I thought I deserved. I couldn't be content with where I was. I was in college working toward the future, but I was so focused on the future, I sometimes ignored what was going on day to day. I felt rushed. I couldn't wait to graduate and get out of there.

But now, I'm graduated. I'm in the "there," and yet I'm still looking toward the future in the same way. I can be so focused on getting to where my life can "start." But the thing is, my life has been happening all around me.

It's a pretty obvious statement. Yet, it's one I often need to tell myself. I need to remind myself to live in the present. It's taken me a while to change my mindset but it's not impossible.

You can change your mindset too if you need to.

In the present, you can stop for a minute, look around and enjoy your life. In the present, you can also work toward your future in a healthy way. You can take the time to figure out the best way for you to get where you want to be while still slowing down to live in the present.

And if you find yourself discontent with where you are, make a list of what you can do now to get there. Research jobs. Plan your classes. Work on your hobbies. Take some time to rest well.

I'm not behind. You're not behind either. You don't need to rush through your life.

Stop running.

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