13 Things We Need To Leave In 2017
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Politics and Activism

13 Things We Need To Leave In 2017

Ideas, mentalities, and trends that need to be gone in the new year.

13 Things We Need To Leave In 2017

Resolutions are a big things around New Year’s, and I hope everyone is doing their best to stick to them. However along with the idea of ‘in with the new’ for 2018, I think there needs to be some ‘out with the old’. These are ideas, mentalities, trends, and more that need to be left behind in 2017.

1. Defending rapists/abusers/assaulters

There are no excuses for this type of behavior. People should be able to control their hands and actions. Just because it’s been awhile, or a woman did not say anything immediately, does not invalidate what happened. Are there false accusations? Yes, but those are low numbers. We need to be a society that respects and helps women, not tears them down or blames them for what happened.

2. Blaming others

It can be difficult to be honest about your mistakes and own them. However, letting others take the fall for you is not a great habit to get into. Integrity means being honest in what we do and owning our mistakes. Mistakes and failure can make us better.

3. Arguing without purpose

This happens a lot in politics. Do you really think a war in the comments section is going to change someone’s mind? News flash: it’s not. Arguing can be healthy and constructive given the right circumstances. However, fighting can take a lot of energy that you probably don’t have a surplus of. Leave that negativity out of your life. You can still be friends with people who have different beliefs, but leave the pointless fighting behind.

5. Zoos/Aquariums

Animals that can thrive in their original habit should be. I understand that sometimes creatures are injured or need medical care, but they should be living where God created them to live! These are majestic animals and they were not made to be cooped up in cages and tanks.

6. Only spending time with like-minded people

If you are only ever surrounded by one worldview you are never going to grow. Experience life with people that are different-- go to a church that primarily is a different ethnicity than your own, listen to podcasts from other people’s perspectives, read books. It will help you defend your own morals and ethics better and help fill out who you are.

7. Racism/Xenophobia

While we have come along way in the United States, there is still room to improve. Getting rid of racism and xenophobia starts on such a small scale. Have honest conversations and be unwilling to tolerate when others are being racist and xenophobic. Let it be understood that actions and talk like that is not welcome in your friend group and should not be tolerated in the United States.

8. Laziness

It’s easier to be lazy than to work hard. Working hard takes time, effort, commitment, good time management, and more. Being lazy is nice--sometimes. But it’s a new year, so let’s all do our best to hold ourselves to higher standards. Instead of accepting an easy C, shoot for a B or even an A! It’ll also teach you to make time for what is important and cut out what’s not.

9. Being addicted to our smartphones

I struggle with this too. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more are addictive and I always want to see what the latest post is. However unplugging from social media and electronics is better for your mental health and well-being. It’ll improve your sleep (no more scrolling until 1am) and self-image (no more constantly comparing yourself to others).

10. 90’s Fashion

Ladies and gents, we left the 90’s in well, the 90’s. Why are we dressing like we did in kindergarten? Sure, some trends are cute and I am happy to accept them back, like overalls. However, layering camisoles on top of shirts is never going to be cool. I don’t care if celebrities are doing it, please stop.

11. Veganism/Crossfit

Everyone who isn’t vegan and doesn’t do crossfit is with me on this one. Being vegan really isn’t that great for you--food groups exist for a reason, and while animal cruelty is a problem, veganism is not going to fix it. Please stop depriving your body. Crossfit abuses your body as well. I’m all for working out and being healthy, but let’s be nice to our bodies while doing it.

12. Gender stereotypes

We’re in the 21st century people! Women can be engineers, lawyers, professors, really anything they put their mind too. Let’s celebrate women choosing what they want to do. If you want to be a homemaker/stay-at-home mom, good for you! If you would rather be working in a chemistry lab, that’s fantastic!

13. Calling all Muslims/refugees/Middle Easterners terrorists

There are roughly 1.8 million muslims in the world, almost 25% of the population. They are not all terrorists. I’ve traveled and lived in the Middle East and they are some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. I know it’s easy for fear of the unknown to take over. Try listening to or reading refugee stories and I can guarantee the humanitarian in you will come out.

New year, new us. Let’s make 2018 the best we can and leave these misguided ideas, trends, and mentalities behind us!

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