Since the season of winter will be approaching soon, I wanted to share the many things I love about the winter season. Here are 15 reasons I love the winter weather:

1. Hot drinks/foods

It’s time for hot chocolate and baking Christmas cookies!

2. Sweaters and Scarves

I adore fall/winter fashion. Who doesn't look to dress comfy in sweaters and feel beautiful?

3. Holiday season

Who doesn’t love the holidays? Christmas and New Years is next and it’s the best time of the year.

4. TV shows

All my favorite TV shows start their new seasons around this time which is wonderful because I hate being left on cliffhangers! Also, who doesn’t love Christmas specials?

5. The leaves and the snow

Once the leaves start falling something about it is so pretty and mesmerizing. Besides the scenery, I love the feeling of walking the leaves that fall and when it snows it looks like winter wonderland.

6. It gets cozy

I’m a big fan of blankets and being winter is a great excuse to bring them out.

7. Christmas lights and light festivals

This time of the year just makes everything look beautiful.

8. Building a snowman and snow angels

I used to do this when I was younger on the first day of snow.

9. Making paper snowflakes

Making winter DIYs, in general, is so much fun!

10. Ice skating

It’s a better feeling ice skating outdoors with the cold and the pretty scenery.

11. Wearing fuzzy socks

Wearing anything fuzzy is a plus.

12. Decorating a gingerbread house

Either baking gingerbread cookies or decorating gingerbread houses, it’s a fun activity to do with friends and family

13. Burning candles

There’s some cozy feeling about burning candles in the winter versus any other season.

14. No bugs

This is my personal favorite.

15. Holiday movies and songs

We all love 25 days of Christmas and Michael Buble.