The age you can't wait to turn in your teenage years. It's the light at the end of the tunnel. The special number put on a pedestal when supposedly, your life truly begins. Regardless of how you choose to spend your special day when this age finally becomes reality, here's 21 things to look forward to!

1. You can walk into a liquor store without any fear

2. Finally get a beer at a baseball game

3. Cut up that fake ID and never look at it again

4. Go on a bar crawl!

5. Spend the day at a vineyard or winery

6. Maybe rent a car (depending on the company)

7. Have a reason to go to Las Vegas… to gamble

8. Go to a fancy nightclub

9. Get a horizontal license and finally change that hideous permit picture from when you were 16

10. Go to 21+ events and concerts

11. Not have to worry about having a huge sharpie “X” on your hand at a party

12. Being in the car with a new driver #scary

13. Be able to legally drink at family events without feeling uncomfortable

14. Legally obtain a concealed weapons permit (if you choose to)

15. Become a pilot

16. Any night is an acceptable party night

17. Still get discounts with your student ID card

18. You can truly celebrate New Years with fancy champagne

19. Host a sophisticated dinner party

20. Not being called a child by anyone who thinks you look young

21. You’re still young enough to be on your parents insurance and phone plan