7 Ways To Entertain Yourself While Driving

Long drives have the tendency to suck the energy out of you. If you're like me and have to take these aforementioned trips alone, you need something to do to keep from dying of boredom. Here are some things to do on the way:

1. Think about how each car contains a human being... each with a unique life story and destination.

Just. Think. About. That.

2. ...And then create entire life stories for these people.

The picture says it all.

3. Get to know people's bad driving habits based on their license plates.

If you've driven long enough you just know...

4. Be on the lookout for a "car twin".

It's always interesting to see who's driving your car and you immediately feel connected to this stranger.

5. Sing your favorite songs as loudly and badly as you want!

If you're really brave you'll do this with the windows open. Anyways, you'll probably never see those people again (hopefully).

6. Watch out for cops!

Don't get too into the music because you probably don't have the time or money for a speeding ticket.

7. Treat yo self.

...With your favorite gas station snacks. Whether you crave ice cream, candy, chips, or even pizza, you want it and they've got it. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Solo road trips and long, lonesome car rides don't have to be so boring. Like all things, it's all about what you make of it! Try these tips and you might just begin to enjoy the ride.

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