Things Today's Kids Get Away With That Would Never Have Been Allowed Before
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5 Things Today's Kids Do That My Parents Would Have Killed Me For Even Thinking About

Why are they in such a rush to grow up? Adulthood is far from glamorous.

5 Things Today's Kids Do That My Parents Would Have Killed Me For Even Thinking About

It seems that kids these days can do anything without consequences. There have been countless times when I have been in a store and witnessed a child blatantly disrespecting their parents. There are people I know who just let their kids walk all over them because they have adult children whom they spent all their energy on.

I often just think to myself, "How in the world do these kids get away with these things?"

If I did any of the following things, I'd be digging my own grave.

They talk back, and it's out of control.

Every child does it. There is the occasional occurrence of talking back, and then there is the constantly having a rebuttal, no matter what is said. For example: "The sky is blue." "No, it's not."

There are so many children who simply do not understand the concept that you do not talk back to your parents, regardless of what is said. Yet it never fails: "Clean your room." "I don't want to."

How did children get this disrespectful? Is it because millennials are becoming parents, and they have a different attitude than the "older" millennials?

When I was a kid, I this would warrant being grounded for weeks — and maybe a smack in the mouth or two. That doesn't happen today.

They have no basic responsibilities.

I remember having chores from a young age. I had to clean my room, among other things, and I was responsible for laundry once I got old enough. I was self-sufficient at a super young age.

Are parents no longer "allowed" to teach their children basic chores? Or is that considered abuse, too?

How do children get away with not doing any chores? I mean, do you really want children growing up and not knowing how take care of their household duties? Laundry is not rocket science. Sort, put in detergent, select setting and push start. Bam!

Does anyone know how to wash dishes by end? My point exactly.

They pin their parents against each other.

When I was younger, if I asked my mom one thing, got an answer I didn't like and went and asked my father the same thing, I would have gotten my butt whooped.

Now, kids do this every day. My own children do this all the time, and I do not understand it. What makes them think that the answer will be different? As long as my husband heard what I said, he will agree with me.

It is when he doesn't that the kids get away with it, and it drives me up one wall and down the other. The joys of parenthood.

They participate in everybody's conversations.

Do you remember when you were younger and you were not to participate in any adult conversation? You heard it, but you never said anything or commented, no matter how much you wanted to. If you even tried to participate in the conversation, you were put in your place in seconds.

Today, it does not work like that. Adult's conversations are also children's conversations. If you want to talk about something that the children shouldn't be hearing or participating in, you have to wait until they are not around (which is never) or just text it to each other. They think they are grown folk instead of children.

Why are they in such a rush to grow up? Adulthood is far from glamorous.

They just do what they want, when they want.

My biggest pet peeve is children thinking they can do whatever they want. My thought process is this: You are a child under the age of 18. You do not pay bills in my house. You do not get a choice. Until you are 18, things will not change.

I know that is harsh, but children only get choices when I deem it to be OK — not any other time. I am not overbearing. It is when you give people too many choices that things become chaotic. Chaos leads to bad choices. Bad choices cause parenting to be harder than it already is. That makes sense, right?

I do not mean to sound like a "mean mom," but I deserve to be respected, no matter what my child thinks is not right.

I make choices for them with their best interests and well-being in mind. I make sacrifices for them to have nice things. Being treated with disrespect after all I do is unacceptable. Being a parent is really difficult, and this is just another part of it.

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