With my first year of college coming to an end, I decided to write a poem about my experiences and thoughts on what college was like. Everyone has their own experiences as to what college is like so please keep that in mind while reading. My time at college can be completely different from others. Thank you for reading my poem.

Life after high school.

While some may choose other paths-

Work, Military, Trade school,

I chose college.

Eight hours away to be exact.

All the way in the U.P of Michigan.

Away from friends, family, my home.

It has been a ride.

One for the books for sure.

It has had it's up and downs,

But I am forever grateful for my time here.

I have learned many things while being on my own-

Like learning how to budget and figure things out on my own.

May seem like little to you, but to me it is just another step in growing up.

In my first year of college, I have changed what I want to do with my life several times.

Zookeeper, teacher, film critic, historian, journalist.

Thankfully I know what I want to do now-

Or so I think.

But if I change my mind?

That is completely okay.

Change is part of the journey.

While I am still young and still getting used to things.

I will say that I am thankful for how my first year went.

New friends, new scenery, new life changes.

Everything I could have hoped for during my first year.

While I do miss my home, Marquette has become my home away from home.

With the lake just minutes away, and the weather still unpredictable...

My first year of college has been the start of a wonderful story,

And I cannot wait to see where it ends.