5 Things I'm Going To Miss About Online Classes
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5 Things I'm Going To Miss About Online Classes

It's time to say goodbye to Zoom

5 Things I'm Going To Miss About Online Classes

As many universities start to prepare for their fall semesters, they've begun to make announcements about what students can expect when fall semester does roll around. At my university, a majority of the classes and events will go back to being held in-person with some online classes and restrictions in place. While it's incredibly exciting to go back to a place of normalcy and to have the opportunity to experience in-person classes again, it can be a little tricky after adjusting to an entirely online schedule for over the past year. So while I am excited to return back to a normal state of classes, here are a few things that I am going to miss about online classes after we return to face-to-face classes in the fall.

1. Not needing to leave my bed to go to class

While most days I chose to actually get out of bed to attend my classes, I still have the option which is incredibly nice. It won't be the same when I am forced to get out of bed.

2. Not being able to wear my pajamas to class

Now maybe you don't wear your pajamas to class but it's still an option. Even if you don't go full out in your pajamas, it's likely that you still don't wear what you'd want to wear to an in-person class.

3. Not being able to listen to my online lectures in 2x speed

My favorite thing about online lectures is being able to listen to them in 2x speed. There's nothing better than being able to knock out your hour long lecture in half the time. Now I'm just not sure how I'm going to feel not being able to do that.

4. The inability to multitask during classes

Let's be honest, for the last year we've been treating our classes like podcasts we could just listen to. Seriously, think about the last time you sat down for the class and didn't do anything else during that time.

5. Open-note tests

I don't think this one really requires much explanation. Since going to online classes, I've been really lucky that all of my professors have made my tests open-note and I know that won't be the case once we go back to in-person classes.

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