5 Things I Learned Working Retail For The First Time

I've done it all it seems, from answering phones at a pizza place to bringing a group of sixth graders to the Bronx Zoo... Now having retail under my belt, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned from working in a beautiful clothing store that I want to buy everything from.

1. Talking with customers makes all the difference

In a nice clothing store like the one I work at, I get a variety of customers. Many of these, I've noticed, bring with them not only their wallets, but a multitude of insecurities as well. Many of these insecurities, because we're dealing with clothing here, are about their bodies. Each day I hear things like "I don't have a waistline so this would not suit me," or "My boobs are just too big for this dress, it's all I can look at." It breaks my heart to hear such beautiful and stylish women say such things, but I also understand, possessing many insecurities myself about my short legs and what not. What these women need most of the time is the confidence boost that their own mindset cannot give them because it is too focused on the "flaws" that they obsess over instead. When the dress actually looks amazing on them, or if you think they should try a different size to make it fit perfectly, tell the customers. Doing this makes them realize that it doesn't matter what kind of waist or chest they have, they can rock anything with someone else's help!

2. Don't waste your hard-earned paycheck on the clothes

I have this problem where I'm obsessed with everything in my store, but can't afford a single piece. I know that if I saved up, I could probably afford the dress I've been eyeing, but then my whole summer would practically be dedicated to that one dress. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I need to save and not spend my hard-earned paycheck on one Loveshack Fancy mini dress.

3. You'll learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes of your favorite stores

When thinking about my favorite boutiques, I hardly think about anything but the clothes that are in front of me and the prices. Rarely do I consider how the ambiance of the store affects how I look at the clothes, which brands the store is buying from, how much inventory there is, and how a store window makes all the difference. Working retail has made me realized how much hard work goes into owning and having a successful retail location.

4. You'll become exposed to so many new brands

I spend almost every day surrounded by beautiful clothing, many from brands I hadn't heard of until I started working. Now, I get so excited for new shipments from these brands and follow all of their Instagrams hoping that one day they'll have a big blowout sale. I also know the characteristics of each brand and what makes one's red maxi dress unique from the other's.

5. You'll meet a lot of cool people

This is especially true if you're working in a small store, like I do. I've met the coolest women, many not even close to my age, that I can now talk to all day long if they come in looking for their next dress for their friend's summer wedding, or anything else. There's even one woman that brings in old Vogue magazines for me if I ever get bored on the job! These are the people that make me love my job.

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