Things Hotel Workers Won't Tell You
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Things Hotel Workers Won't Tell You

Customer service is the big push.

Things Hotel Workers Won't Tell You

While I haven't worked in the hospitality industry for very long, there are some secrets that I have figured out that translate to almost every major hotel/motel chain. Here are some surefire ways to save yourself a little money and make sense as to what goes on behind the check-in desk.


So there are thousands of places that will always offer to put you in with their "exclusive" members only kind of club. Hotel and motel chains are no different. Now, the benefit of this is that. if you are a busy traveler and are on the road or in hotels a lot, you WILL (for all my knowledge) get a much cheaper rate on hotel rooms, and maybe get a few prize incentives as well along the way. HOWEVER. and this is not true for all chains, the people behind the desk get a reward for signing you up, so THEY have an additional incentive (commissions are fun like that). Now, this isn't a racket to try and scam you out of your money. It's simply a tool to help establish brand loyalty and make sure that we get repeat customers at our respective chains. So, the customer wins AND the employee wins in this regard.


While it may be easier to just book online, calling the hotel directly or walking in and making a reservation can fetch you a much better rate. Normally, hotels will stick to a basic rate online but will offer a lower rate for walk-in customers, or those that call the front desk looking to make a reservation. It may take a little more time and may be socially anxious to talk to a real person rather than be clicking some buttons online, but it could save you a good chunk of cash in the end. Give it a try!


Some hotels only focus on getting you in and getting you into a room. They don't care about whether your stay is enjoyable, they just want your cash. However, the bigger chains will try and make your stay as wonderful as possible. Need extra pillows and blankets? Call the front desk. Need help with your luggage? Call a bus boy (if they have them) or ask someone at the front desk. With the creation of sites like trip advisor and other hotel rating sites, customer service needs and pushes have become a top priority for many hotels, especially in a competitive environment. However, if you're staying in a small town and your first choice hotel is booked up, they may send you to one of their local competition, since there are some small cases of working together in order to make customers happy. This is a rare occurrence, but it shows that both chains are willing to help put you first over some money.

While these aren't the biggest reveals in the world, I hope you find them helpful. Avoid using things like Expedia or, just call the hotels directly. Talk to a real person. And most importantly, SAVE SOME $$$$!

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