Things I have learned to live with while being in an interracial relationship
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Things I have learned to live with while being in an interracial relationship

Race should not matter as long as you love eachother

Things I have learned to live with while being in an interracial relationship

I was sort of nervous about writing this article since it involves my personal life, but I think this is something that people in my situation may be able to relate to. So, here goes.

1. People Staring

This is something that I and my significant other have definitely learned to deal with. We have both sort of gotten used to. People just staring at us or doing double takes. I'm very shy and usually get nervous if someone looks at me, especially in a not so nice way. But, now I've just learned to live with it and ignore it. I guess its something I have to get used to since I guess people are not used to seeing a black girl with an Asian guy.

2. The Comment: "you two will have beautiful babies"

I honestly am so sick of that comment. I honestly don't even take that as a compliment because people are only saying this because we are a mixed couple. When people say that, it makes the mood very awkward. Also, I'm not thinking about kids, I'm only 18 and in college. Please stop with this ignorant comment.

3. Fetish/Gross Comments

I'm talking about comments like "how did you get an Asian guy?" or "oh you have yellow fever?" Please stop with these comments. They are inappropriate and gross. Also, these are not things that you ask people because it's rude. I just ignore this these comments and walk away because there is no point in entertaining that mess.

4. People Assume You Don't Like Your Own Race

I hate when people assume that I don't like my own race or that I'm betraying my race just because I am in love with someone of another race. It hurts even more when this is coming from family. That's just another thing that I will have to deal with.

5. Being Nervous About Meeting Each Other's Parents

In general, I am nervous when it comes to meeting anyone's parents because I like to make a good impression. I feel family approval and first impressions are very important especially when you plan on being with this person for a very long time. I feel even more nervous since I will be meeting the mom. This is definitely my biggest concern and if I happen not to be liked, that is going to hurt, but I will just have to accept that. All that matters is that he loves me and accepts me for who I am. I will just do the best that I can and try to be the best person that I can be.

These are just some things that I have to live with while being in an interracial relationship. It is not easy, especially when you come from two totally different cultures, but if you love each other and communicate and focus on y'all, then things will be fine.

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