At the height of 5'1, I am aware that I am slightly shorter than average. Most of the time, I enjoy being smaller than the average bear, but sometimes, these things just bother me.

1. People like to walk way faster than me.

Some people just don't understand that my short legs cannot travel as fast as their long legs without feeling like I'm in a speed walking marathon or having my calves be in intense pain. Please slow down for my sake. Or disappoint me and leave me here to walk alone at my own pace.

2. Every single pair of jeans is too long.

Unless for some magical reason a store carries a short size, I can almost never find a pair of jeans that fits correctly and is the right length. The worst style of jeans to try and find is flare jeans. So stylish, yet so hard to find for someone who is shorter than average.

3. When you're in a crowd, people just assume that you're not there.

Imagine you're on a crowded dance floor. Suddenly, everyone decides to make that dance circle in the middle and shove everyone else out of the way. Since you're shorter than average, people just assume that you don't exist as they push everyone away. Now your feet have been swept off the ground, and the only thing holding you up is the sea of bodies that you are being pushed against. As you find your footing again, you've now lost your friends in the large group, and you have no idea what's going on.

So for all of you tall people who have short friends, take their height into consideration sometimes. We would really appreciate it.