6 Things I Hate About The City I Love
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6 Things I Hate About The City I Love

It's a love-hate relationship.

6 Things I Hate About The City I Love

Pittsburgh, the steel city, an interesting city to say the least. After living in Pittsburgh for 4 years now, there are certain things about this amazing city that are its biggest downfall. Here are just a few.

1.) What is a Pittsburgh left you ask?

I had never heard of this until I came to Pittsburgh. A Pittsburgh left is when you turn left right when a light turns green before the opposing lane begins going straight. This unsafe practice happens on a daily basis and is so frustrating!

2.) Liberty bridge closed= whole city shut down, traffic jam on every road.

After a month of an hour and half commute for a normal 15 minute drive when the Liberty Bridge was closed, I soon realized if the Liberty Bridge doesn't run, neither does Pittsburgh. Traffic jams for days.

3.) Any type of precipitation means traffic.

Coming from Northeast Ohio, I don't think much about the rain, snow, and sleet. But any type of precipitation slows up the whole city. It's like the whole city of Pittsburgh forgets how to drive.

4.) The weather.

If it could stop raining in December and snowing in April, that would be great.

5.) Some roads aren't even roads.

If you ever try and use your GPS, there is a more than likely chance that your GPS will take you down a road that is not really a road.

6.) What happened to good old parking lots?

Trying to find parking and then realizing there's only one middle spot on a busy street to parallel park is my worst nightmare. What happened to just going to the store and having a parking lot?

Despite all these things, there's some pretty awesome things about Pittsburgh.

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