This year, I was fortunate enough to go on my first college spring break vacation with my friends to South Carolina. We planned it the first day of the semester, looked forward to it for weeks, and were pretty excited by the time spring break actually came. It ended up being so much fun, and I'm glad that we were all able to do it together.

Here are some experiences I had that are true for other college students on spring break.

 1. You get bored during the traveling.

You can only spend so much time napping, scrolling on your phone, or reading a book. The time will come where you just want to get to your destination.

2. Your body gets sore from all the sitting.

You would think that sitting in a car for several hours could be relaxing, but when you consider the already small space, everyone's stuff taking up room and the restraints of the seatbelt, it can get uncomfortable quickly.

3. You forget to apply sunscreen and totally regret it later.

On my first day, I applied sunscreen but forgot to reapply. I ended up with a nice burn that was there for the rest of the vacation.

4. You are tempted to buy a souvenir for practically everyone you know.

Even if your parents told you to just buy things for yourself, you will inevitably some trinket in the marketplace or in a shop that will make you think of someone back home.

5. Your feet get sore after all the walking.

Even if you wear sturdy shoes, you will be eager for sitting breaks.

6. You take several Insta-worthy pics of the scenery.

Chances are that your spring break vacation is somewhere nice and has great photo ops. It also helps if you plan on touring some cool places and taking pictures there.

7. You take even more pics of yourself for profile pics for social media.

Before the trip, I basically had two photos I used for profile pics. Now, I have several more options, and they're actually cute.

8. Your friends seize any and all group photo opportunities.

If you can't prop your phone up somewhere and use the timer, the outgoing friend will ask someone walking by who looks nice.

9. You sleep in and enjoy every moment.

There were a couple days where we didn't have to get up early and get somewhere, so we enjoyed sleeping in, which is hard to do during the semester.

10. You and your friends act obnoxiously in public.

The behavior probably annoys everyone around you, but it's all in good fun.

11. Your diet changes significantly.

One day I had ice cream for breakfast. It was awesome, but definitely out of the norm.

12. You avoid checking your school email.

And you avoid even talking about school at all costs.

13. You avoid doing the homework you brought along.

That is, if you had the discipline to bring it with you in the first place.

14. You see a lot of things that you won’t find back home.

It was really cool for us to go to a historic city and see older buildings and experience something different.

15. You enjoy the amazing weather.

It was so nice going from shivering in a winter coat to wearing shorts and being comfortable.

16. You lose track of time.

Many of our days were too busy for me to think about the day or time, and before I knew it, it would be time for bed.

17. You spend less time on your phone.

Besides doing mindless scrolling in the car for entertainment on the road, there really wasn't a point in being on it otherwise. I was already with the people I talk to the most, plus I wanted to enjoy being there and not have my attention elsewhere.

18. You really get to know the people you’re with.

In the group I went with, I knew some people better than others. Now, I feel like I know everyone really well and our friendships have gotten closer.

19. You enjoy so many new experiences.

One of the best parts of vacation is doing things that you just can't do back home.

20. You make some awesome memories.

Even without the hundreds of pictures I took, there are still so many good times that I won't forget.

21. You don’t want it to end.