10 Ways Under-21s Can Ring In The New Year
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10 Ways Under-21s Can Ring In The New Year

We all wonder what we can do to celebrate the new year when we are under 21.

10 Ways Under-21s Can Ring In The New Year

When it comes time to celebrate the new year, often those under 21 struggle to figure out what they should do. Coming from a young adult like me, here are a few things those under 21 can do while still celebrating the new year!

1. Bowling

Often times bowling allies will have a celebration for the new year. With this, you can get a group of friends together, bowl, play arcade games, and celebrate the new year with a toast of "sparkling juice".

2. Chi-Town Rising

Those who want to get a group of friends together in the city of Chicago can! Chicago has their very own celebration for the new year. It is a festival event where you can listen to music, watch the fireworks from navy pier, and simply spend time with your friends

3. Go out see the ZooLights

Zoos have different light shows during the Christmas times. You can simply go walk around the zoo and see the different light shows they have and admire that theirs might look better than yours. (That is okay.)

4. Window Shopping

For places that are open on new years eve, you can simply go to the mall and go window shopping. Look at different outfits that we all wish we can pull off but often times know we cannot. This is also a good time to simply question and make fun of different outfits/clothing items.

5. Get your celebration going

You can always have a little party with some friends at home. You watch the ball drop and make a toast to the new year, play games, hang out, laugh.

6. Go to a restaurant and watch the ball drop

Those who are in NYC and under 21 can go to different restaurants and watch the ball drop and some even have their own parties that you can attend.

7. Karaoke

Some places with have a Karaoke night or you can simply get one going at home. Get a group of friends together and watch each other make a fool of themselves and get a good laugh out of it.

8. Photo Booth

If malls are open, go around dressed in crazy outfits and take pictures in the different photo-booths as a celebration of the new year. Start the year off with a funny memory.

9. Game Night

You can always celebrate while doing a game night at home. Simply get a group of your friends together watch the ball drop and play some games. Everyone loves a game night now and then.

10. Count Down Bags

You can have someone go around and hide different bags for the hour leading up to the new year that you and your friends have to go find every hour. In each bag will be a surprise or a gift. It gives you guys something to do while waiting for the ball to drop.

These are only a few things I would recommend. If you look online for activities to do for the new year in your area there will be much more activities planned. Have a great new year!

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