I love watching crime shows and documentaries. They're pretty much all I ever watch. I'm obsessed! It's hard to find other people with that same passion because most people want to watch "happy" things. I don't go around asking people if they heard about specific cases, but when I find someone that loves watching the same shows as me, I know I want them in my life. People that watch crime shows have certain traits, and we have to stick together! If you love crime shows like this girl right here, you'll relate...

1. All you watch are crime shows and documentaries.

You definitely have Googled the best crime documentaries and shows to watch on Netflix, and you watched most of them multiple times. Your watch list is full of crime shows. What happens when you finish watching all of the Netflix ones? You go look some up on Youtube.

2. You're always prepared.

Whenever you go somewhere you let people know where you're going, that way your friends and family know what to tell police if you go missing.

3. You always see red flags.

From watching all of the crime shows and documentaries you know that some murderers are good at hiding their motives, whereas some aren't. You have the ability to see red flags everywhere. Is someone acting creepy? That's a red flag. You're walking somewhere at night, and your stomach suddenly feels strange? That's also a red flag. Having this capability is a gift!

4. You remember crime details more than your friends and family's birthday.

"Let me seduce you with my knowledge of serial killers." is one of my favorite quotes.

5. You think extremely dark tinted vehicles are bad.

Alright I get it, most people tint their windows because they want to keep the sun out. However, some people tint their windows to get away with crimes. Some tint is acceptable, but then there's some where it's SO dark and totally unnecessary. Whenever I see an all black car with extremely dark tinted windows, my mind starts to wonder.

6. You want to be on a jury.

It's like watching all of your favorite crime show live!

7. You know all the ways a person can die, and why. 

Every. Single. Way.

8. You have a lot of home security.

There's no such thing as too much home security. You've seen shows where people have gotten murdered in their own home, and since they didn't have surveillance cameras their murderer is still walking around, or it took forever for them to get caught. You don't want that to happen to you, so you learnt from their mistakes and have surveillance everywhere!

9. You understand the justice system better than anyone of your friends or family. 

You're basically a lawyer!