College is weird. Thousands of kids from all around the world come to live in a new place together for four years and are expected to live together— but somehow it works. And, my god, it's the best four years of your life!

Here are 42 things college has taught me:

1. Living in a tiny box we call a "dorm" is insanely hard.

2. It's OK to wear the same outfit on a M/W class as a T/Th class because it's entirely different people and classes.

3. Looking homeless to go class is completely OK!

4. Going out on a weekday is almost more fun than a weekend (as long as you don't have an exam the next day).

5. And, on that note, pulling trig is ALWAYS a good idea.

6. Burnetts, Crown Russe, and Natty Lite are NEVER a good idea.

7. Napping is a lifestyle.

8. Don't just set one alarm, set 15.

9. High school sports did not prepare you for the 10 miles you walk to class every day (uphill in the snow, both ways, just like our parents...)

10. Even when its 30 degrees and freezing, sweating your balls of trekking to class is still a very real thing!

11. "I'm not gonna party when I get to college" was the biggest lie you've ever told yourself.

12. ALWAYS use protection!

13. Going home for a weekend is a great escape —you get your laundry done for free, can go shopping with mom, and have a home-cooked meal.

14. It is impossible to wake up for an 8 A.M. class but incredibly easy to wake up at 8 A.M. on a Saturday for a day long!

15. It takes an army of friends to get through this hell hole!

16. "Mandatory text books" don't mean shit.

17. If you kept your perky 16 year-old abs throughout these four years you either are blessed with a great metabolism or clearly didn't go out and have fun enough!

18. Do NOT by nice brand name shoes for going out— Target knockoffs are key.

19. Amazon Prime is a way of life.

20. Steal all your kitchen utensils from the dining hall. 

21. It is possible to study the night before and still get an A+, contrary to what your professor says.

22. You can make almost any meal in the microwave if you try hard enough!

23. Any free food is good food.

24. It's amazing how much one C+ can drag down your GPA! 

25. You will get desperate for money and do desperate things... like sell your plasma.

26. $20 is A LOT of money suddenly.

27. Uber on the weekends will steal all your money but save you miles of walking.

28. Getting the plague every winter is to be expected

29. Don't get on the CATA bus and expect to not get sick.

30. Work smart, not hard.

31. Making friends with your professor is actually incredibly helpful.

32. Going three days without showering ends up happening way too much.

33. Sometimes the less sleep you get, the better.

34. You CAN make it to your 8 A.M. on an hour of sleep (but only if you're dumb enough to take an 8 A.M.)

35. In college it's called "fun," but remember in real life it's called alcoholism.

36. Suddenly drinking a bottle of wine doesn't even seem like much anymore...

37. All food tastes good after 3 A.M... especially if it'd dipped in ranch.

38. The most dangerous thing about college is the bikers on the sidewalk.

39. Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" will be playing every time you are out from Halloween to Easter, and you won't even be mad about it!

40. Boxed wine just seems to taste better than real wine now

41. People will be different from you. But it's ok you can' actually learn from them so don't be closeminded. 

42. This is the best place, and I never ever ever want to leave it!