Life at college is a lot different than life at home. Each one has their perks, and it seems like you're missing one when you're at the other.

After graduating high school and moving into a college dorm, I found that life at college has its own daily routine that you have to get used to. You're always staying up later than you do at home, and you're sleeping half the day away when you get the opportunity to.

Being home means that Mom is cooking meals that actually contain a vegetable, so it's easier for you to get rid of that freshman 15. Yes, it does exist. You also have to make sure to tell your parents where you're going and what you're doing, because you're not on your own watch anymore.

College life and home life can be similar, but some things you do at school may not be acceptable when at home with your family.

1. Sleeping until noon.


Sleeping through half the day was how I was able to function at school, and if I couldn't do that, naps were always the answer. After moving back home, you're expected to act more productive and actually do something other than lay in bed all day. It's terrible.

2. Staying out until 3 A.M.


This was just the norm at school. Your nights started late and your sleeping schedule was always messed up because of it. Now you have to worry about what time you get home because sneaking into the house too late may wake up your parents or other siblings, and get you into some trouble.

3. Leaving the house whenever you feel like it.


At school, no one ever asks where you're going because you're on your own watch. You can leave and go as you please with no questions asked. You want to go out at home? Better make sure to tell your parents where you're headed. If not, you'll be put on trial about what you're doing, who is going, and when you'll be back.

4. Drinking when you get bored.


Have nothing to do at school? Crack open a cold one! That's always the answer, especially when the weather is nice. But at home, it isn't so appropriate to start drinking in the middle of the day, although I feel it should be.

5. Not doing laundry for weeks, then having to do multiple loads because there's so much clothing.


It just isn't acceptable to have your laundry pile up when you're at home. No one cares if you wear the same thing all week at college, but at home, someone will notice. Doing laundry more often than you're used to is essential, plus it's free at home! And if you're lucky, Mom will still do it for you. What an angel.

6. Eating whatever you want, whenever you want.


A healthy eating schedule is not a priority when you're away at college. You're able to eat like crap whenever you feel like it and that's mainly because you're too lazy to cook something that's nutritious. At home, I can't get a Domino's pizza at 1 A.M. That wouldn't fly with Mom.

7. Wasting a whole day watching Netflix.


Again, you're expected to be more productive at home. Binging a whole season of your favorite show may be an accomplishment at school, but at home, it may feel like you're being wasteful because everyone else in your family is going to work and school.

8. Throwing huge parties.


At school, there are never any parents to tell you that you can't have a giant rager, and you don't need to worry about any damages they may notice. At home, however, it is a lot harder for there to be a party that is at fraternity level. Plus, the police are a tad more lenient in a college town. If only frat houses existed everywhere you went.