Coffee, the staple of any college student's morning. This drink has the power to either make or break your day. Whether you like it black, or full of sugar, here are a few things that every coffee drinker can relate to, no matter what there preferences are.

1. The morning doesn't officially start until coffee is in the hand.

Hug in a Cup

2. That feeling of dread when you realize you don't have any more of your creamer left.

It Isn't Fair

3. Picking out a creamer at the store is kind of like choosing your personality for that week.

Making Decisions

4. When you wake up to coffee AND new creamer to slay the day.


5. Going to coffee shops and inhaling the scent of coffee beans.


6. Drinking a PERFECT hot vanilla latte.

Vanilla Latte

7. Cringing when the shots are bad, but drinking it anyways, because caffeine ya'know?


8. Looking at the drink menu for five minutes even though you know you are just going to get your usual order.

Make Decisions

9. Taking more photos of your coffee than yourself because it's just so beautiful.

Taking Pictures

10. Having a second cup of coffee just to hold in your hand because it comforts you.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

11. Having another cup of coffee at work just for the smell because you're convinced it helps you focus.

More Coffee

12. Having a different coffee cup for every mood and holiday...

Pumpkin Spice Latte

13. ...and still buying more.

I Want More

14. Your birthday's and Christmas' consist of coffee gift cards, beans, creamers, mugs, and any other coffee-related items.


15. Saying you're going on a budget, but coffee doesn't count.


16. Seeing all the seasonal creamers and getting all of them.

All of Them

17. Running out the door because you're late, but stopping to brew a cup of coffee or buy one.