12 Things Book Lovers Know To Be True

12 Things Book Lovers Know To Be True

Reading is more than a hobby to some people.


There is nothing more enticing than the idea of escaping this world for a moment and entering into another one. And while some may accomplish this through the help of the cinema and Hollywood's many creations, other opt for another path: books. It is books, after all, that inspire Hollywood, so those who enjoy the pleasure of reading are just one step ahead of the game. But along with the new world, comes a lot extra obstacles. Not sure what I mean? Well, take a look into the real world challenges that book lovers deal with.

1. What is sleep?

Book lovers tend to stay up well into the morning. How can we not when we turn the page and run right into a plot twist? The need to know what happens next consumes us, and the idea of sleep slowly fades from our minds. Do we really need sleep anyways? Character developments seem much more important...

2. Book release days should be considered holidays.

There should be no work, school, social obligations... Just so book lovers from around the world can line up at their favorite bookshops, purchase that lovely compilation of beautifully bound paper, and read all day.

3. Bookstores are the most stressful places on Earth...

Book lovers don't walk into a bookstore with just one book in mind. They walk in with millions of books in mind and have to narrow that list down to which they think is the most important in that moment.

4. But bookstores are also the most wonderful place on Earth

The options seem endless when you enter a bookstore, and that reminds you that the stories never have to end. Book lovers can literally read forever and never run out of material.

5. And because of this, the bookshop workers usually know you.

Is it just me or does that person at the check out counter always seem to be there? Or maybe it just seems that way since you purchased a book two days prior as well and they gave you that look that lets you know they remember you.

6. Unfinished series haunt you.

When a book lover finishes a book in a series, it can be expected that they already own the next one to start immediately. Unless of course the next one isn't available yet, and then the book lover is haunted with possibilities for the next in the series until that book consumes them and forces them to make playlists and Pinterest boards dedicated to said unfinished series... (This may or may not be based off personal experiences... *cough cough* SarahJMaasisgivingmeaheartattack *cough*)

7. Post-Book Depression (PBD) is a real thing.

Again with the haunting of the story that was just finished. Sometimes the books are just too good.

8. Picking just one OTP is near impossible.

Never expect a straightforward answer when you ask a book lover about his/her one true pairing. If you are gifted with an answer, it is subject to change after the book lover starts the next story.

9. Interrupting someone who is reading is a punishable offense.

Book lovers immerse themselves in stories for a reason - to escape this world for awhile. So if a book lover is interrupted and brought back to reality, expect them to not be happy about it. Especially if you start that conversation when you clearly saw the book lover already reading.

10. Letting people borrow books is scarier than it seems.

This is the expression of every book lover as they see or think of someone handling their precious property. Is the borrower's dog eating the corners? Is the dust jacket still as nice as it was before? Is the binding still good or are the pages being separated from the spine (a.k.a. the reason I never lend out books anymore)? Did the dog tear it to shreds? A book lover only hopes that the borrower shows the book as much respect as he/she did.

11. Money is a very vital part of book loving.

Between the actual book, merchandise, author signings... you name it. Money is definitely needed in order to keep up this lifestyle.

12. One can never have too many books.

Whether a book lover has 5 books or 500 books, they will never be satisfied. The count will continue to grow as the book lover begins to fall deeper and deeper into the fantasy worlds that endless authors so generously create. Honestly, that is not a bad thing at all. And to the people who suggest getting rid of books that have already been read and probably won't be read again: do you expect me to throw away my soul too?

"We did not choose the bookish life. The bookish life chose us."

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