I'm "blessed" to have a fast metabolism. Unfortunately, the list of things that wear my patience thin isn't as skinny as I am.

Here is a slim list of the things that wear skinny people's patience thinner than they are.

1. Putting on a pair of pants just to have them fall down

No, a belt isn't going to fix the problem.

2. Waitstaff asking if you’re sure you want what you’re ordering

Yes, I know it's a bigger portion. I'm hungry.

3. People asking if you ever eat

Yes, I eat — probably more than you do some days.

4. People being shocked by how much you can eat

Even when it's the same amount they're eating.

5. Being asked if you’re anorexic 

I appreciate your concern, but being skinny doesn't mean I'm unhealthy.

6. Size small not being small enough


If you're lucky, size extra small can be too big too.

7. People assuming you can eat whatever you want with no consequences


Junk food is junk regardless of who you are.

8. Getting cold easily


At least when you wear a coat, you don't look quite as skinny.

9. People assuming you only eat salad


Yes, I like salad. No, it's not the only thing I eat.

10. Being told you need more meat on your bones


I'm not a steak. I have plenty of meat on my bones, thank you.

11. Others constantly reminding you how skinny you are

Thank you, I was completely unaware of how skinny I am. *eye-roll*

12. People worrying that you’ll “break” if they hug you too hard


I'm not made of glass.

13. The nicknames

Toothpick, String Bean, Skinny Minnie, Twig… I have a real name, too.

14. Being asked why you’re not a model


Sorry, I like writing better.

15. Hearing that you’ll gain weight after you turn 30 or have kids

I'm doubtful.

16. Not being able to donate blood 

We all should, but some of us can't.

17. Always needing a belt


Your wardrobe is full of belts or pants with drawstrings.

18. Being told to be careful when it’s windy outside


I'm not going to blow away when the wind is 20 mph.

19. Finding a bracelet that doesn’t slip off your arm


Watches are awkward too.

20. Always sitting in the middle of the backseat

Just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I want to be turned into a human sandwich.

21. Being picked up so someone else can test their strength


Wow, you're so strong since you can pick up the skinniest person in the room. Would you mind putting me down now?

22. Unpadded seats


Imagine sitting on your elbows for a few hours.

23. The assumption that you’re weak just because you’re skinny


I'm strong enough to put up with all of the things on this list.