11 Things All Nail Biters Know Too Well

11 Things All Nail Biters Know Too Well

You are probably doing it right now, aren't you?


As a chronic nail biter myself, I know I have experienced all of these. Other nail biters should relate to most of them. From having short nails to always getting sick, these should relate to anyone else who chomps down.

1. Always having short nails.

Unless I have acrylics on, I cannot think of the last time I had to cut my fingernails.

2. When you have acrylics on everything feels... weird.

I have acrylics on right now, longer than I have ever had, and it feels so weird typing.

3. If you have acrylics, you'll still try to chew them off.

A $60 manicure, and yet you still have that primal urge? Same though.

4. Your nail tech will yet at you.

"Anna, why do you keep biting your nails?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I can't stop."

5. Bleeding cuticles.

If you are also a cuticle biter/picker, you will constantly have hangnails and sore cuticles. They look gross and feel grosser.

6. People always say, "Get your hands out of your mouth."

*ThAnKs MoM i KnOw*

7. Always getting sick since you didn't listen to the people mentioned above.

Hmmmm..... I wonder why I constantly have colds. *bites fingers on hand that just touched a desk six students have already sat at*

8. The need to bite when you are stressed.

Long car ride...Bite

Exam... Bite

Studying... Bite

Worried about your life after college, and your existence... you guessed it!

9. You have done it as long as you can remember.

Ever since you have had teeth, you have memories of chomping down on those nails.

10.  You probably do it when you're deep in thought.

When you are reading or pondering about what you are going to eat when you get home from work, you probably have your hand in your mouth.

11.  In your family, there are either people who are as bad as you, or hate it.

Half of your family does it religiously, the other half wishes you would stop leaving your clippings around the house.

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Freshman Year Is Over, What Do You Do Now?

Freshman year of college rocked, but it also came with lessons and challenges that need to be and were overcome, but also filled with amazing opportunities.


I never thought something would go faster than my senior year of high school, but somehow freshman year of college flew by faster than I would have ever imagined.

This year, a lot happened that has changed my life for the better. I made new friends in which those friendships will last a lifetime, and I have lost in touch with a handful of friends from back home due to the hectic college experience. Those back from home I did keep in touch with, our friendship is even stronger than ever previously before. But now what? You made memories with people you just met that now mean the world to you and you have accomplished more together in such a short amount of time it is remarkably insane, and now you are packing up your dorm room ready to head back home and say goodbye to these people you spent 9 months with straight. It is an incredibly hard thing to do if you ask me, and there are for sure going to be tears shed when you guys officially say goodbye for a while.

This year, a lot of memories were made, but I was also pushed to have fun and to challenge myself academically. College is A LOT of work, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. You spend countless of hours doing homework and actually having to study days in advance for your exams and you really do ask yourself how you managed to sit through seven hours of school every day Monday-Friday during high school. During that time you need to make sure you allow or put time into making memories that will literally last a lifetime. Consisting of sporting events, "school" holidays, and anything your heart really desires or what you end up doing will mean the world when you get to look back it during the summer when you actually somehow miss school in terms of reuniting with your college friends and doing college activities.

Then you get home, and you see your home friends, in which it feels like you guys were never apart in the first place and everything falls in place. Some will take summer to get more advanced in school work and take summer classes to stay ahead, which is what I will be doing this summer. But best of all...SUMMER BEGINS!! Who does not love summer? It is hot outside, iced drinks, tanning, road trips, and visiting destinations. My favorite, visiting Devil's Lake in the summer with all my friends. It is my favorite place on earth. You can relax on the beach, float on the lake, or take a hike and take in a beautiful view.

So now what? Now you enjoy your summer and make the best out of it.

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Summer 2019, Here I Come

I'm ready for a summer filled with making memories, relaxing, and ultimately, focusing on myself.


This summer is going to be different for me.

This is the first time in a long time where I'm going to have a lot of freedom this summer, and I'm genuinely looking forward to it. The crazy part is that I don't even have plans to travel or do anything crazy, but that's what makes it so great.

The fact that I'll be home for the summer with an excess amount of free time and less working sounds great to me. I know that having an internship somewhere would probably benefit me too, but I'm not dreading that anymore.

To keep it real, I did apply for internships. AND normal jobs too. Grocery store cashiers. Boring, government receptionist jobs. Video production internships. I've applied to so many things over the course of the spring semester and it's draining not to hear back from anything...or at least, only hearing back with rejections.

It scared me at first. But it doesn't anymore. Why?

I'm embracing where my life is and where I am at this moment in time.

I am not worried about the future. I'm not worried about my career or job opportunities I may have missed. Maybe that sounds reckless, but not to me.

I say that because I used to bash myself for doing things that I wanted to do. I used to bash myself for not following exactly what my parents say I should be doing or what society tells me. I want to live my life in its full essence as it right now, in its full originality and being.

I'm simply focusing on me. Conceited? No. Content.

Routine, routine, routine.

I love routine. I also love adventure and spontaneity, but routine is where I feel at home. However, stepping outside of your comfort zone is what I've been trying to do for the past year, so I'm trying to embrace that too.

I already know how I'm going to spend my off days, work days, and time in between. I want to keep myself busy, preparing myself for the humongous workload I'm going to encounter when the fall semester hits. There's a lot I want and have to do, secure, and make arrangements for. I'm excited to tackle those battles.

Long distance running is going to become a part of my everyday routine. It's something I used to love doing but distanced myself from last summer. It makes me happy and keeps me active - and out of the house.

Working as much as I can to obviously secure the bag but also to stay busy is something I'm looking forward to. Going to the pool and soaking up as much sun as I can get is a huge priority for me this summer.

My goal is to do things that will make me happy. But deeper than that, I want to learn what will make my soul and heart happy. If having a routine, spending the majority of my time relaxing, and staying out of the house will aid in benefiting myself, than that's what I'm going to do.

I'm trying to put me before stress and discomfort.

Something that usually affects me when I go home is stress. This can be confusing or it could be extremely relatable. Either way, coming home for me isn't necessarily a great experience.

That's why I want to come into summer 2019 with a new, refreshing mindset.

I'm going in with a mindset that sees the positives and how I can adjust myself for the time at home that consists of fun and freedom. The second I no longer have access to my small on-campus apartment with so much charm, character, and "me," is when I lose my personal space. I lose the things that make me more of myself rather than having to act a certain way now that I'm a 20-year-old living with my parents. Everything changes...And while I'm savoring every last minute of this time away from home, it'll soon come to an end.

So when I say "Summer 2019, here I come," I mean it. I'm not letting my summer go to waste like I did last year. I'll update you as the summer goes on, so stay tuned!

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