As a chronic nail biter myself, I know I have experienced all of these. Other nail biters should relate to most of them. From having short nails to always getting sick, these should relate to anyone else who chomps down.

1. Always having short nails.

Unless I have acrylics on, I cannot think of the last time I had to cut my fingernails.

2. When you have acrylics on everything feels... weird.

I have acrylics on right now, longer than I have ever had, and it feels so weird typing.

3. If you have acrylics, you'll still try to chew them off.

A $60 manicure, and yet you still have that primal urge? Same though.

4. Your nail tech will yet at you.

"Anna, why do you keep biting your nails?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I can't stop."

5. Bleeding cuticles.

If you are also a cuticle biter/picker, you will constantly have hangnails and sore cuticles. They look gross and feel grosser.

6. People always say, "Get your hands out of your mouth."

*ThAnKs MoM i KnOw*

7. Always getting sick since you didn't listen to the people mentioned above.

Hmmmm..... I wonder why I constantly have colds. *bites fingers on hand that just touched a desk six students have already sat at*

8. The need to bite when you are stressed.

Long car ride...Bite

Exam... Bite

Studying... Bite

Worried about your life after college, and your existence... you guessed it!

9. You have done it as long as you can remember.

Ever since you have had teeth, you have memories of chomping down on those nails.

10.  You probably do it when you're deep in thought.

When you are reading or pondering about what you are going to eat when you get home from work, you probably have your hand in your mouth.

11.  In your family, there are either people who are as bad as you, or hate it.

Half of your family does it religiously, the other half wishes you would stop leaving your clippings around the house.