22 Things All 90's Girls Remember Fondly
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22 Things All 90's Girls Remember Fondly

I remember all of these to the tiniest detail

22 Things All 90's Girls Remember Fondly

Being a 90's Baby is something that I will always be proud of. I know that sounds a little strange but I enjoy the childhood that I had. Before smartphones, iPods, and tablets, we had everything we ever needed everywhere else.

This list is dedicated to the girls that grew up during the 90's and remember everything about this. I will admit that some things I didn't have but my older sister Kelly did so it deserves to be on this list because I remember it.

Without any more explanation, here are 23 reasons that growing up in the 90's was the best for any girl around.

1. Holographic was everything

I know I know, holographic stuff is coming back and I for sure am a sucker for it. in the Millennium holographic print was everywhere and you couldn't escape it.

2. Glitter was also everywhere.

Oh, body glitter. My sister had this really pretty silver one that I used once...And couldn't get off.

3. Aliens took over the globe.

For some reason, alien's were found on everything and I really want to know what started that trend.

4. Makeup was simple and easy.

I hate to say it but I do enjoy the makeup, especially the white and baby blue eyeshadow.

5. Lisa Frank exploded into school.

I begged my mom for anything Lisa Frank when school came around. Did I get it? Take a guess.

6. A fight for the Boy Bands

JC over Justin. AJ over Nick. Kelly and I loved both *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys (I liked them more) and of course, we had opposite taste (I had better).

7. These girls spiced your life up

Colors of the world SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! The album and movie was the best thing in my life when I was like six.

7. And they practically created these

Chupa Chups! I still find these things and feel like Baby Spice every time.

8. Your bedroom looked like this

Kelly's bedroom I swear to God looked like this and I'm glad I have pictures of it...I miss it!

9. Delia's was the best.

This store had some of the best clothes. I didn't get anything from there as I was too young at the time.

10. Goosebumps were a must read.

Still a sucker for Goosebumps? I'll admit it, I collect these books to this day along with the Fear Street series.

11. You created these little dolls.

Who here remembers DollzMania? My friend introduced me to these in fifth grade and wow...My life was never the same.

12. You owned these CD's.

Oh Butterfly clips, I never wore anything in my hair so cross me out here. Though I was jealous Kelly had these really pretty ones on her fan.

14. Gel Pens were used.

Guilty Pleasure right here. I still buy and use gel pens on a daily basis.

15. Music was at its peak.

I swear summer was the best time for music back in the day. I mean come on, look at this.

16. You played this often

Kelly and I got a 64 for Christmas or our birthday and it came with Donkey Kong. Let's just say that and Mario Party was life.

17. Teen Movie were a must see

Before "Mean Girls", we had "Bring it On!" and She's All That. Among all the many that came out, admit that you watched them. Guilty Pleasure? Jawbreakers.

18. You idolized Barbie

Who didn't love Barbies? My two friends and I played that constantly and always wanted their clothes. I have that pink one up above.

19. School Supply shopping was fun

Rainbow was everywhere you these chunky erasers were heavy but looked awesome to show off.

20. You remember cellphones looking like this

Once again I was too young to have a phone but Kelly had one...And multiple cases like this.

21. Tamagotchi's were your pet.

The one toy that I got and didn't understand what to do with it. How many people never fed theirs again?

22. Lipsmackers was the go to.

Once again guilty. This is the only chapstick that I wear and I probably have over thirty, to say the least.

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