Things That Kids Born In The Early 2000's Didn't Miss Out On
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10 Things Kids Born In The Early 2000s Thankfully Did NOT Miss Out On

I'm starting to feel old and I'm only 18. Is that normal?

10 Things Kids Born In The Early 2000s Thankfully Did NOT Miss Out On

Most of these things were around a little bit before we were born. Even so, we're practically the last generation that actually got to see a little bit of what our parents had when they were younger. I'd say we're a pretty awesome generation, am I right?

The Game Boy

Although the Game Boy came out a little over a decade before we were born, we can all say we've at least played one game on these iconic pocket game consoles. I remember trying to steal my friends Game Boy because my parents refused to get me one... Not my proudest moment, I won't deny that. If you've never seen or heard of a Game Boy, then you missed out on the greatest gaming console my childhood has ever seen.

The beginning of Webkinz.

Webkinz lasted a pretty long time, it's even still around today. But if you were there for the very beginning of Webkinz (before they completely changed everything), then you can understand just how addicting the game actually was. The kids who play the game now don't understand what the beginning of the game was like where you weren't forced to pay for a membership in order to do certain activities. Sorry, kids! You missed out.

Internet Explorer.

To the kids who have no idea what I'm talking about... I hope you appreciate fast internet and easier ways to play games because us 2000's babies didn't experience that at the beginning of our childhoods.

Actual computers.

I don't mean the Mac computers or any version of laptops. I mean the real computers that looked like a plastic box with a screen in the middle. The ones that if they stopped working, there was no way you were getting it to work without restarting all the other computers. Man, I'm so thankful for my laptop.

Silly bands.

These rubber bands were so popular when I was in third grade that If you were that one kid that didn't have a single silly band, you'd be eating your lunch alone. I'm telling you, they were so huge at my school that the principal had to resort to banning them because so many people were fighting over them. Yes! My school BANNED silly bands! But, I won't lie, they were pretty awesome.

MP3 Players.

To get music onto this thing, you had to plug it into a computer, one that would actually work, and download all your music onto the player. It doesn't sound so bad when you think of it, but let's all be honest for a second. We'd all very much prefer downloading music via iTunes directly onto your device than having to get up off the couch to find a computer that could download music to an mp3 player. Am I right?

iPod Touch.

Not any of the newest models or the ones with the cameras, I mean the very first iPod Touch that had no camera and HORRIBLE internet. I'll be honest, it was probably my favorite part about being a child. But, compared to what we have today, the very first iPod is nothing but a memory for those of us that actually had one.

CD Player.

Now if the mp3 player wasn't cool enough, there was the CD Player too. This is what my teachers would use when we got to listen to Kids Bop and have dance parties. Man, do I not miss these!

Those box tvs on a cart.

All my classrooms when I was in elementary school, had either a box tv that you would roll in on a cart or a box tv attached to the ceiling in the corner of the room. When my teachers would wheel out the tv, I would get so excited because it meant that the next 30 minutes of class would be wasted as my teachers struggled to get the tv to work, and then the rest of class would be spent watching whatever movie took my teacher so long to get working. To be unrealistic, it was practically a less advanced version of Karen from Spongebob.

The greatest tv shows and movies of all time.

The Disney and Nickelodeon shows that are playing now will NEVER compare to the genius shows I had growing up. Hannah Montana, Drake and Josh, Wizards of Waverly Place, Camp Rock, High School Musical... I could keep going but it'd take me so long to name them all. We had the best shows and you can't deny that.

Technology has improved drastically over the years, so I'm proud that I get to say I know what it was like to live in a world where technology wasn't so advanced yet. Although our generation had some pretty awesome things that I'll never forget, I very much appreciate what I have today.

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