We have thick hair and we cannot lie. It's a blessing and a curse, but most oftenly a curse. Having thick hair can really test a girl's patience. You don't have thick hair? Well read on to discover just what you're missing out on.

1. "Cute Messy Buns" are a hard no.

zoella zoe sugg in sunglasses with messy bun posing by railing

LOL bun and cute cannot go together for thick-hair-havers. We start out with a big blob of hair tied into a knot on the top of our heads, and then it slowly slides further and further down while all your baby hairs run wild. It's annoying. You don't have thick hair if you haven't cried real tears of frustration from trying to do a simple messy bun.

2. Any styling has to be done in layers.

Whether I'm curling or straightening my hair, I have to divy it up in ~at least~ four layers. There is just so much hair it's unreal.

3. Hair "hacks" dont apply to you.

I tried that new-ish hair hack for the Dyson Air Wisp curling tool, where you cut up a water bottle, shove your hair inside, and turn on the blow dryer. I shortly discovered this hack would work amazing for anyone with thin hair! But for us thickies, it's another flop. Only a small section of my thicc hair was able to curl with that hack, and I probably could've made it work with more layers but #lazy.

4. That damned bottom layer of baby hairs at the back of your neck.

Maybe this is just me? But I bet more than just me have these pain in the ass hairs!! They're too short to fit in a high pony or messy bun and you have to use a bobby pin to keep them up or look like you've got a mini mullet going and they never seem to grow out! They're always there. Watching, waiting to ruin your hairstyle.

5. Heavy hair gets hot.

Don't get me wrong, it's the middle of winter and I am BLESSED with this built-in scarf called my hair. In the dead of July and August, not so much blessing going around. Having thick hair gets so hot so quick, it is nearly impossible to survive a summers day without throwing it up on top of your head at least once.

6. The likely say "OMG you have so much hair!!" from a hairdresser.

*eye roll* yeah lady, I grew it all myself. My thick magic hair full of secrets. (more like full of problems)

7. It never dries the same way twice.

Some days your hair will dry and look super cute! But, then some days it is an absolute wreck. And if you're like me, you just cross your fingers and go with it! I hope for the best every time I leave the house before my hair is fully dry, its like I want to mess up my hair or something.