These Spectacular Pictures Will Make You Want To Save The Environment
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These Spectacular Pictures Will Make You Want To Save The Environment

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These Spectacular Pictures Will Make You Want To Save The Environment
Moyan Brenn

Everything in this article has been said before.

But it’s too easy to distance ourselves from the issues of environmental degradation in our man-made buildings, driving our man-made cars to other man-made buildings.

Image courtesy Earthporn

This is information you’ve heard before, but probably something you haven’t thought about today. If we’re being honest, you were probably thinking more about your hair the past few weeks than you’ve thought about the environment. We’re all busy and have other responsibilities that may not include "save endangered species," so a reminder doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Image courtesy Earthporn

Nature has been a source of inspiration for artists, philosophers and scientists.
It is a wonder for young children who set eyes on their first cloudless sky.

Even though it might not seem like it, humans aren't the only ones who call Earth home. We came much later than the others, who continue to mind their own business and try their best to adapt peacefully.

Image courtesy flickr

Yes, I know we all learned that we need to protect the environment at school, blah, blah, blah, boring. We memorize “reuse, reduce, recycle,” but we don’t even know what that means, which is something I learned while tutoring English to a third grader who had heard the words “reuse,” “recycle” and “reduce,” but thought they all meant the same thing. So yes, this another preachy article about how we have to try to save the environment. You don’t need to become an environmental conservationist to help.

Photo courtesy EarthPorn

There is energy running the computer or phone you’re using right now. Where is that energy coming from? Is that energy sustainable? If not, maybe try to use more sustainable energy. If that’s not possible, use less non-renewable energy. You might not personally be running a billion dollar oil drilling business, but we are all responsible for the Earth becoming less livable day after day.

If this article, or these pictures, move you even the slightest to do something, visit 50 ways to help the planet and share this article with your friends and family.

Photography by US Fish and Wildlife Service, flickr

If everyone you know does at least one of the 50 things on that list, you'll be doing more to help the Earth, other living organisms and yourself than if you didn't. Isn't that worth the time and effort?

Photograph by Keith A. Ellenbogen, AP

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