Mr Brooks Point of View:

As I look to my left, I see a truck coming our way. A sense of relief overwhelms me but that feeling quickly disappears when I see Rebecca's face, which expresses danger. I immediately try to get up to see what's the matter. Rebecca pulls my arm and says, "We have to go." We run back into the woods. "We know there's no way we'll be able to out run him because of my leg. So we will have to find a place to hide." We come across a stream and find large fallen trees that are lying down in the stream. Rebecca asks, "Look over there! Will you be able to hide under the logs with your wounded leg?"

"If you're safe, then I will be able to. Your safety is my most concern." We run to the fallen trees and hide behind them in the freezing water. We hear footsteps and a voice, "Where are you two! You can't hide forever! I'll find you soon enough!" His footsteps fade and Rebecca looks over the logs to see that he's gone.

"Seems like we're safe for now, but he will be back. We need to get to somewhere safe."

Rebecca's Point of View:

"I can't believe we managed to escape from him again. We might not be as lucky next time." Even though its crucial we need to get somewhere fast, I need to make sure Mr. Brooks can handle journey. As we started our journey again to find a safe place for the night, we come across an old abandoned cabin several miles from where we began. "This looks like a safe place to stay for the night. You can rest your leg and hopefully you'll be able to walk again in the morning. While you rest I will find some firewood to warm us up and dry our clothes. It's a good thing there's a fireplace. I'll be back soon, I won't be far away."

"Please stay safe, I don't want you to get hurt."

I go to collect fire wood but I can't stop thinking about Mr. Brooks. I hope he's safe without me, I better hurry to get back to him. A half hour later I arrive back at the cabin to find Mr. Brooks waiting for me. He says, "You look tired, let me build the fire." He slowly gets up and takes the wood from me while his hands brush against mine. He places the logs in the fireplace and starts the fire. "We should dry our clothes by the fire, so we won't get sick," Mr. Brooks says to me.

"Our clothes?"

"Yea, because they're wet. I didn't mean anything weird by saying that."

"I knew what you meant," as I blush.

"I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

"It's fine, we're two grown adults who can handle one night together in this situation." We both take off our first layer of clothes and put them by the fire to dry overnight.

Mr. Brooks says, "We will have to share a bed to stay warm, is that alright with you?"

"Yea, that's alright." We both get into bed and cover up with blankets. He wraps his arms around me, which startles me at first but feels comfortable. He pulls me close and kisses my forehead goodnight. I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

Justin's Point of View:

I can't believe they escaped again! This time I'm gonna have to call everyone to come find them. I'm not gonna lose them again, because I won't give mercy this time