There Is More To Love Than Meets The Eye

I've always been completely head-over-heels, infatuated, completely in love with the idea of love. Now, when I was younger I thought that meant a relationship. Little me thought kissing and hand holding and telling that special person that you are in love with them was the only way to love. Yet as I've grown older, I've seen love come to people in so many different ways. I've discovered that love is not just a significant other. Love is not just all kissing and hand holding. Love can be found in anything and everything.

Love is that A on a paper or test that you thought you were going to completely bomb. Love is going outside on a sunny day and hearing the birds chirp for the first time since Winter. Love is the relief you feel when you find out that a stressful situation is going to be okay. Love is the first bite of an amazing burger when you are absolutely starving. Your favorite holiday. Love is found every day. It's telling a person to be safe on their drive home. Putting your arm across someone's chest when you hit the breaks too fast. You can not look for it, because it's all around you.

It's everywhere.

Love is the friend you met a couple of months ago but you feel like you've known them forever. The smell of freshly cut grass in the beginning of Spring. Love is the sun shining on you when you've felt down. Going to Disney World and watching the fireworks. It's watching a wedding video or a sappy movie and crying because "OMG IT'S JUST SO CUTE." The feeling of laughing so hard there are tears streaming down your face, and you can't breathe. Being invited somewhere when you've been alone for so long. Love is your favorite season. Feeling accomplished when you finish an assignment that you've worked so hard on. Reading a book and enjoying every minute of it. Freshly cleaned sheets and getting in bed after a stressful day.

A good cup of coffee or tea.

Don't get me wrong, love is found in people too. Love is found in the person you just click with. The feeling of just knowing someone and it being so easy to be yourself. Love is meeting someone years before and then reconnecting. Old friends with new stories. Confiding in someone and them being one hundred percent trustworthy. The person you find that makes you rethink what you've been convinced is true about people. It's the feeling you get in your stomach before seeing that someone. It's the "I'm here for you if you need anything" message. It's the phone call you get when you just told someone you're upset.

Love is what you turn to after there has been darkness. It's often overlooked as just a happy feeling, yet it's so much more than happiness. Love can save people. If you're asking me, it can save the world. So don't overlook the small things. Don't overlook the butterflies you get in any situation. For that is love, and love should be noticed. Keep on loving. With all your heart, your mind, and soul. Just never stop.

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