Society urges us nowadays to settle. Settle on jobs or an education that you hate. Settle on friends who bring us down. Settle on relationships that simply don’t work. Why is settling so easy for us?

Change is absolutely terrifying. Changing our normal day-to-day routine will force you to take a risk, and may result in failure or an unpleasant result. We settle in life not because we have unrealistic goals, but because it is easier to settle in our comfort zone than taking a risk at a life that’s not awful, but not ideal.

We, as a society, are lazy. Even if we are unhappy with our lives each day, we don’t want to make an effort because we lack a certain confidence and ambition that will help us to success. Too often, people complain about their lives and insist that there is nothing they can do to change so. The key is wanting to change these things.

We rely on the past as a means to justify why we put up with certain parts of our lives that we are unhappy with. Instead of dwelling on the past as we live out the present, we should use to past to motivate our future.

Mediocrity prevents us from wanting to reach our goals. Mediocrity is a place where we get stuck and are not able to move forward. The only way to rid ourselves of this is by accepting that it is absolutely okay to think differently, to move ourselves away from what works for us and move ourselves towards what does work for us, create a positive, uplifting plan, and finally put that plan into action.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Each day we should be the best version of ourselves, and experiencing life to its fullest capacity. When you stop settling, you have the ability to embrace your potential. When you realize you don’t need to limit yourself, you will be on the road to a fruitful path of excellence. When we denounce mediocrity, it will open ourselves up to a journey of achieving our goals in life. Every single day will be a rewarding, brand-new experience.