Creed Bratton isn't who he says he is

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In one episode, Creed states that he always transfers his debt to an account under the name William Charles Schneider. In another, he tells us that the last guy who stole from him was never seen again, and that his name was Creed Bratton. ..And if you watch the show, if you remember the episode 'Money' from season 4, Creed even flashes his real passport, and it reveals the name William Charles Schneider.

Michael has dad issues as to why he hates Toby so much

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Sure, there are plenty of reasons why Michael probably hates Toby, but if we all look at the stuff Michael gets away with, it's clear that Toby never comes down hard on him as he should. Toby could have easily got Michael fired plenty of times. My theory is that Michael's parents divorced when he was young, and he now channels his anger and feelings of abandonment towards Toby, who is a divorced father. To add fuel to the fire, Toby also represents Michael's worst nightmare: a lonely, divorced father who rarely gets to see his kid. After all, all Michael really wants is to have a family and be happy.

Toby is the Scranton Strangler

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Remember that Toby disappeared to Costa Rica and returned a different person right when the killings started. He was also on the jury that convicted the killer, despite personal feeling that the man was innocent. While in the episode when Toby goes to "visit" the strangler in prison and ends up in the hospital, someone may have recognized him as the strangler and beat him up.

Stanley and Phylis had an affair before the show

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During Sexual Harassment', when Toby tells everyone that they must disclose all office romances to HR, Phyllis asks if one-night stands count. Stanley has been known to cheat on his wives/spouses. Phyllis is very promiscuous. The two of them have always been very close. Also, in 'The Merger', when Karen can't stand Phyllis' perfume, Stanley mentioned that he's sat downwind of her stinky perfumes for years. Stanley at one point may have enjoyed the perfume, but after the affair, the scent turned into a bad memory."Also, in season two's "Conflict Resolution", there's an exchange in which Phyllis says, "Stanley and I are close, too", to which Stanley replies "We sit close." Perhaps this is the "bitter cooings of ex-lovers"?

What do you think about these theories?