Once April rolls around, summer is basically so close that we can already feel the sand between our toes and taste our favorite, local ice cream flavors on our tongue.

The longing for every student's favorite season can become intense in April, and honestly, kind of painful, as it truly is so close but so far away (like, ten more exams and a few research papers left in the syllabus far away).

So, while we enter the April season of longing for summer warmth and lack of responsibility, I compiled a list of things that will help you not wish for summer yet.

1. Hot cars

In the winter, getting into your car and cranking the heat is a blissful experience, especially when coupled with a hot chocolate or another warm beverage. In the summer, getting into your car is basically like willingly placing yourself into an oven, and that's without even mentioning the metal of the seat belt that heats up to the temperature of the molten core of Earth.

2. Mosquitoes

Not only are actual mosquito bites painful and annoying, living in fear of the pesky insects is almost as bad as the pricks themselves.You haven't experienced the meaning of the word irked yet until you're sitting outside on a lovely summer evening, yet unable to enjoy the beauty of nature because you're anticipating where and when the next bugger will appear (and how best to annihilate them forever).

3. Sweating

Summer outfits are cute, until your clothes are sticking to your body disgustingly damp. Summer hairstyles are cute, until your hair is frizzed up to the sky thanks to humidity and heat. Summer makeup is cute, until it's melting off your face in unattractive streaks. I could go on and on, but in summary, sweat is one of the worst things nature can cause us (maybe).

4. Supervision

This one applies to my fellow college students. Going from total freedom of doing whatever you want, wherever you want, to being back in your childhood bed telling your parents everywhere you're going all the time, is an unpleasant shock. However, I will mention that the reverse feeling of going from home to the freedom of school makes this initial shock semi-worth it.

5. The dread of work and summer goodbyes 

Although seeing your college friends after summer, experiencing syllabus week, and loving the warm weather at school before it gets cold are some of the best parts of college, one of the worst aspects of summer is dreading getting back to schoolwork. And at the end, saying goodbye to your best friends and summer flings (not to mention your family and arguably more importantly...your pets).

So in conclusion, who needs summer anyways...right...?

(And I guess that if none of this helped, we're only around 40 days away from summer bliss).