Of all the things you've ever said or heard, most likely half of them are not even memorable. However, everyone has at least one phrase that has been said to them, that to this day has been repeated in their mind over and over. The person who said it may not have thought it was hurtful or significant at the time, and they may not even recall the conversation. But just a few simple words can cut deep scars and effect a person for years to come.

1. "You don't deserve to live"

2. "No one could ever love you"

3. "Don't come crawling back to me when you're fat"

4. "You'll never make anything of yourself"

5. "You're the reason your mom and I's relationship is failing"

6. "You're not important to me and probably never will be"

7. "You make me feel dirty tbh, you're one of the weakest people I've ever met"

8. "D*** b****, your teeth are f***** up" ~Before braces in 7th grade

9. "Okay, pizza face"

10. "Are you stupid? How come you can't remember something so simple?"

11. "You have diarrhea running down your leg. Get out of my store!"

12. "They called me a broke ghetto n*****"

13. "Someone said I looked like Katniss Everdeen and a kid on my bus turned around and said 'Yeah, Fatniss Everdeen'".

14. "You're a little b**** just like your mother" ~My dad

15. "This is why your girlfriend cheated on you"

16. "My teacher in high school told me I would never find anybody to love me and would never get married. I think about it everyday and it affects a lot of things I do"

17. "That my legs look like tree trunks. (Pretty funny in retrospect but it ruined my middle school self esteem)" 

18. "Why are you... here?" 

19. "Get some self control"

20. "You are pretty now, but you would look even prettier if you lost weight"

21. "You're toxic and don't deserve the friends you have"

22. "Do you know how stupid you actually are?"

23. "You're annoying when you're drunk"

24. "Someone once told me my Dad died so he wouldn't have to be around me anymore" 

25. "I do not want you in my life" 

26. "You're such a disappointment to your dad" 

27. "That I didn't care about them"

28. "When a friend told me that it made my parents seen uneducated when they spoke spanish"

29. "You'd be really pretty if you just did something about your face"

Obviously, there are subjects that can trigger negative emotions in different people. There are a few topics that we know we should avoid. But sometimes the words just seem to slip out when we're angry, hurt, or being ignorant. And they end up causing a greater impact than expected on the person they were directed at. And the people on the receiving end might never admit how much this upset them, keeping it bottled up and eating away at them for the rest of their life. So do what you will with this information, and speak up to someone when they say something hurtful to you.