The Witcher And Game Of Thrones Exist In The Same Fantasy Realm, But Do Not Need Comparisons

The Witcher And Game Of Thrones Exist In The Same Fantasy Realm, But Do Not Need Comparisons

We shouldn't spend time setting expectations or making comparisons.


I recently got introduced to, watched, and am now obsessed with the new Netflix show, 'The Witcher.' Like many people, I'm sure, I had never heard of this series until I was told to watch the show, and the first thing the recommender said to me was, "Don't you love Game Of Throne?" Like I said, I had never heard of the series before, so I may not have been so inclined to take the recommendation had they not mentioned Game of Thrones. However, I can completely understand why people don't want comparisons of the two to be made.Yes, both series' are in the fantasy genre; both are leaned toward the more darker realities of these fantasy realms than what we make of them when we are children. However, there are grave differences between the two shows.

The first thing I noticed was the inclusion of creatures such as elves, mages, sorcerers, and even some creatures I had never heard of. As a big fan of all things elves and Dungeons and Dragons, I really enjoyed this factor. While we have dragons, dire wolves, and white walkers in Game of Thrones, I think having these characters in The Witcher attests to the classic fantasy genre.

The next thing I have to point out is the man himself - Geralt. He's dark and mysterious; he fights big monsters, talks to his horse, and holds up the general good of the world. Now, yes, that sounds just like Jon Snow - how could I ever forget him? However, Geralt is different. He doesn't come from a royal family in any way and he particularly just lives as a nomad, helping where he can. Jon on the other hand has a very set ideal in mind. That's what really sets them apart. Oh, and Gerald wears more tight fitting leather than Jon.

Also, can we talk about Jaskier? Please. My sweet angel. You don't ever see any singing in Game of Thrones, nor do we often have comedic relief. However, Jaskier is the man for it all. He's yet just a humble bard who hitched a ride with Geralt of Rivia, and along came his song. He really has great songs in the show and is always there for a laugh, consistently clinging to Geralt.

Now, spoilers ahead, the battle scene is something I also really enjoyed at the end. It did give me Battle of Winterfell vibes, however, the use of magic really enhanced this for me. Speaking of magic, Yennafer is also a great character, in my opinion. She is such a strong female lead and I really enjoyed the way she took the reigns on her own identity. Now, being power-hungry isn't the best trait, in the end she really pulled together and stuck with the people that mattered most to her, which I found very commendable for her character. I also think it was interesting to see her longing for a child, it was a really new storyline for me compared to Game of Thrones. Having such magic in the show at all was quite a bit of fresh air from Game of Thrones.

And I can't talk about strong females without mentioning Calanthe. Yes, she's probably going to turn out to be a mega-bitch when I read the books, however I have to commend her for being such a strong leader and warrior. She's pretty badass in my opinion. And she raised a pretty badass granddaughter who is supposedly going to save the world.

A lot of these themes, as you can see, aren't worked into Game of Thrones. Which is okay! This is by no means a Game of Thrones slander piece; I will love Game of Thrones and Jon Snow until I die. However, I find it imperative to point out that these shows are not the same. While you may go into watching The Witcher because it seems similar to Game of Thrones, do not hold to those expectations, or you will be disappointed. The Witcher has so much to offer and such great storyline with great characters. The Witcher has things to offer that Game of Thrones does not, and vice versa. Regardless, we should hold enough love in our hearts for both series. Both deserve recognition for the capacity of greatness they hold.

So when you turn on Netflix to watch The Witcher, remember that there is no Jon Snow and quite a bit more comedic relief.

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