The What Ifs Of Packing: Apocalypse Edition
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The What Ifs Of Packing: Apocalypse Edition

How to prepare for vacation and pack the proper attire (in the rare case of a zombie apocalypse).

The What Ifs Of Packing: Apocalypse Edition

Chances of a zombie apocalypse happening on your weekend vacation to the Bahamas? Slim to none. However, it's always a good idea to be prepared for any sort of situation.

Packing – the complex issue of what ifs, folded into clothing and crammed into a suitcase. Being the clothes enthusiast and shopaholic that I am, I always like to be prepared for any sort of weather and wardrobe change that is deemed necessary. Yet, this sensation of mine is thwarted when it comes to suitcases and trips, considering that my closet is not compressible. Therefore, the unavoidable must occur and we are led to pick and choose.

This then leads to the main point of my article – what if?

From the common dilemma of weather and natural causes, to even the extremely rare and unlikely case of an apocalypse, it’s nice to be prepared. However, when packing, it’s probably a better idea to be more realistic than not.

I find myself in this current kerfuffle, as I accepted an internship in Washington D.C. for this summer and start work on Friday! Apart from the downside of road tripping halfway across the country, from the great state of Texas to Virginia, one of the many benefits is that I can take more clothes! Which in turn means more options and the ability to be prepared for numerous situations. See mom, over packing isn’t always a bad thing, it just means I’ll be more ready for anything mother nature throws at me.

The Benefits Of Over-Packing

As discussed earlier, packing is a tedious and troubling task at times because you do not always know what to expect. Especially when living in Texas, you never really know what season you're going to hit each day, as it rotates between the four. One day it might be pouring rain and the next it might be 99 degrees and sweltering. These kind of extremes have prepared me for all kinds of situations.

As I glance around my room and contemplate what I'll need for the next 6 weeks in DC, multiple ideas cross my mind for the absolute worst thing that could happen while I'm there. Rain, heat, and the very unlikely chance of snow cross into my mind as I toss things into my bag. Then all of a sudden Zombie Apocalypse pops into my mind. What if.

My whole packing arrangement is flipped upside down and now I'm fervently thinking about how I could repurpose all of my clothing to better prepare myself. Therefore, over-packing is a good idea at times, because it prepares you for the best, the worst, the unlikely, but the possible.

Preparing For A Zombie Apocalypse While Packing: The Art Of Repurposing

First things first — shoes. Although stilettos and sandals may be fashionable and stylish accessories, they aren't always sensible for running away or walking in general. Sneakers, on the other hand are a great choice. With the comfort and mobility that they can provide, sneakers are hands down some of the best shoes to wear for support while walking and running in my opinion. They are also the most versatile shoes that allow for encountering a variety of terrain, and who knows what you'll find while running from and or confronting zombies.

Needless to say the Nike's were thrown into the bag.

With that being said take into account the activities and events you will be engaging in wherever you are going. Layers are always an excellent idea to bring as they can function for multiple outfits and occasions, not to mention how they could act as additional protection in the case of an attack. Because we all know short sleeves are easier to get through than jackets. Plus in the case of a Zombie apocalypse, jackets can be re-purposed in a variety of ways as a way to carry things, blankets, and even to restrain arms or perhaps use as distractions and throw off your scent.

Jeans can serve similar purposes as a jacket, but I'd recommend them as more for leg protection. I know for me, jeans have withstood multiple falls and tumbles that have resulted only in bruises rather than scrapes. Plus, they're fairly durable!

It's Okay To Be Over-Packed

Overall, there's a lot to consider when packing — Zombie apocalpyses, rain, and even the occasional snow fall. But more times than not, it's more reasonable to be realistic rather than not. All the same, it's better to be prepared. Don't be afraid to over pack, but when you do, make sure items have multiple functions and that you bring the proper attire for multiple situations!

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