The Wealth of Life: Fitting Into A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle
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Health and Wellness

The Wealth of Life: Fitting Into A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

According to Gandhi, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

The Wealth of Life: Fitting Into A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

The renowned Gandhi once proclaimed, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." Health is indeed our most prized possession, and we should always strive to take utmost care of it at all costs. Imagine not being able to perform well due to a detrimental health condition or a long-lasting physical disability; that would be something that one would not happily look forward to.

Our body is something that has been bestowed upon us by God, and it is definitely our duty to always keep it fresh and healthy at the same time. Our bodies are a very important support system for us because certain bodily functions enable us to complete necessary work that they are built to do. To keep our bodies hale and hearty, we need to extensively focus on the various types of food we eat.

A perfect way to go about leading a beautiful and graceful life is to ardently follow the established Food Pyramid, which recently underwent a massive transformation to become what is now called the Food Plate or MyPlate. Essentially, the Food Plate is evenly and proportionately divided into the four sectors of a circular object. For instance, the first quadrant includes the grains, the second quadrant includes the fruits, the third quadrant includes the vegetables, and the fourth quadrant includes the protein. Off to the side, there is a minimal amount of dairy listed for people to have on their plate.

However, there were also some significant amount of flows associated with the Food Plate. Unfortunately, it was unable to give Americans the total gist of what they should be eating and the specific quantity that they need to consume in order to gain more energy. The reason why it didn't become part of the vernacular of the Americans is primarily due to it not giving as much nutritional advice to the Americans as the Food Pyramid once did. The Food Pyramid offers a far more extensive and detailed overview of the various types of foods that accurately fit in that category. There are multiple possibilities regarding the types of the foods that classify as a dairy and protein product.

Whether it was out of the immense largess possessed by these eminent Harvard researchers or their personal quest to personify nutritional knowledge, they were persistent in standing in the test of time.

Nutrition experts from Harvard School of Public Health initially started out creating their own idealized "Healthy Eating Pyramid" in 2008 and, using that as a benchmark, moved onto creating the modernized version of the Food Plate which successfully includes various components from the original Food Pyramid in 2011. Until this day, most Americans have been avidly inclined towards following the established guidelines regarding their nutritional patterns.

Finally, health is universally deemed as the most significant factor in determining both mental and physical bliss along with higher life expectancy rates. One can engage in various physical activities such as dancing, playing sports, or simply working out at the gym. A person can overcome any sort of obstacles if they keep their health and body on the top of their list of priorities.

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