The Wakening Of New Zealand's Shooting

The Wakening Of New Zealand's Shooting

Terrifying terror attacks resulted in 50 people dead and 50 people wounded.

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A live-stream broadcast on social media revealed a gunman who is responsible for killing 50 people and wounded 50 others in the two mosques of the city of Christchurch. Before the gunman started his terror attacks, he live-streamed his shootings on Facebook and Twitter by using a helmet camera. During the live broadcast on Facebook, it was viewed less than 200 times, however, not a single user reported it. Facebook didn't remove the video until after New Zealand's police notified them about it. Although the live-stream was taken down, it spread rapidly throughout social media.

The shooter is identified as a 28-year-old Australian citizen that has been charged with murder. Authorities found 87 pages of a manifesto about anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim ideas under his hands. He has also refused any legal help in court and hopes to defend himself, according to authorities. He is to appear in court on April 5 again and New Zealand's Prime Minister is expecting to give him no mercy. He is expected to have additional charges filed against him.

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden doesn't condone his terrifying attacks. The government has jumped on board to reform their country's gun laws. Currently, New Zealand's gun laws are less strict compared to most Western countries outside of the United States. They don't require to register their guns or own a license. It is tragic to see that these attacks were an awakening for change because it's too late to help out the ones who already lost their lives due to lenient rules. For now, they can just hope that this change can prevent any other disaster to occur again.

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