Why I'm Switching To Chemical-Free Makeup

Why I'm Switching To Chemical-Free Makeup

An interview with Cynthia Sansone about her new makeup line, Life On Mars.

For more than 20 years, sisters Cynthia Sansone and Rachel DeMolfetto have been running Racine’s Salon and Spa, located in Islip, New York. In 2003, they thought about how their mother had been mistreated in her salon when her hair began to fall out due to chemotherapy. They decided “Why not do something for people enduring cancer?” and began Mondays at Racine’s. The first Monday of each month, free services are offered to people battling cancer.

In 2010 Racine’s became globally known, after HBO produced a film called “Mondays at Racine,” and was nominated for an academy award. The sisters were able to expand the Mondays at Racine program to 15 spas, and they are still growing.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cynthia and talking to her about her new makeup line. She incredibly welcoming and down to earth.

Cynthia and Life on MARS

“I’m here with my line, not just for women in treatment but for anybody who wants to take an active role in being forceful and taking care of their body.”

“It is about time that the beauty industry takes it’s rightful place in creating products that are safe for women to wear, and stop glamourizing things that are killing us.”

Cynthia Sansone has been a successful makeup artist for many years, and in 2003 she began creating her own products. Her clients consisted of many women in treatment, so she created a set of fake lashes that someone could wear up to 15 times, even if they don’t have eyelashes. However, until about 3 years ago, Cynthia was still using different department store makeup on her clientele, but a thought clicked in her head. “Why am I putting poison on these woman’s faces? Their bodies are compromised, their immune systems are fighting the chemo, now I’m adding formaldehydes, dyes, camphors, etc, into their systems? How dare I? Hence life on MARS was born.” Her skincare is as organic as can be, and many of her products rate less than a 1 on the EWG scale.

Peaceful Warpaint

Cynthia’s first development was peaceful warpaint, a crème compact that comes in 8 different colors. It can be worn on the lids, cheeks, and lips! Chemical free and multi-functional, what more could you ask for in a makeup?

5 Free Nail Polish Line

The 5 Free Nail Polish line is free of All Chemicals. Cynthia knows that the chemicals in typical nail polish can enter the nail beds and compromise one’s immune system. “It’s not what’s in the nail polish, it’s what’s not in the nail polish.” Cynthia states. She claims that she used to be a shellac wearer until about 7 months ago, when she started to wear her own nail polish. She says that her nails have been growing out of control. “I took the polish off yesterday, but my nails have never been so strong or long,” noted a woman in the salon. The Nail Polish line comes in a variety of colors.


White Star

Brenda Star

Prettiest Star Nail Polish and Nirvana Lip Treatment

Nirvana lip treatment is an amazing alternate to Chap Stick, which can contain harmful ingredients.

Lip Plumping Nirvana in tube

MARS also offers treatments, foundations, creams, brushes, face washes and oils.

Weightless Foundation

Wearing natural, organic, chemical free makeup can lead to an overall healthier life.

You can keep up with Cynthia and Life on Mars beauty on Facebook, Pinterest, and their website, LifeonMarsBeauty.com

Cover Image Credit: Cynthia Sansone

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