Season 39 of the CBS hit Survivor kicked off on September 25 with a bang. With the rise of streaming services, 39 seasons of a show is almost unheard of. The ability for Survivor to adapt to the times and consistently surprise both viewers and players is one of the most valuable qualities contributing to the show's resilience. Survivor comes from humble roots that can be traced back to Season 1. Survivor: Borneo was originally aired by CBS as a summer filler show. The network was not expecting the overwhelming response they got from viewers. The positive reaction can be attributed to the timeless nature of this social experiment.

Survivor is the ultimate game of social strategy. The strategic maneuvering and orchestrating of social relationships to secure a spot in the final 3 is a concept that will never go out of style. The show has done a great job of adding new twists each season to keep viewers engaged and make obstacles more difficult for competitors. On this season of the show, survivor favorites and experts Boston Rob and Sandra come back on the Island of the Idols to advise current players.

How does it work?

Competitors are split into tribes and stranded in a remote location; forced to gather food, start fire, and build shelter. All 39 contestants compete in challenges throughout their time on the island with the ultimate goal of being the last survivor resulting in a prize of $1 million. Contestants win by surviving tribal council in which tribe members vote someone off the island. Therefore, this game is the ultimate social experiment in which competitors are required to "outwit, outplay, and outlast." Forming, navigating, and maintaining alliances are aspects of the game that emphasize social strategy as the key to winning.

The diversity of the tribe members is another engaging factor of the show, as it demonstrates that anyone can play and anyone can be good. It's not about strength or popularity. It's about the ability to communicate effectively with others and comprehend social situations to make informed, strategic decisions based on social interactions. Survivor will forever be the ultimate game of social strategy that will not end in the near future.