The dreaded two weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break are rough. You’re expected to go from eating your heart out to cramming for exams, pulling all nighters, and suddenly feeling like a prisoner within your own dorm.

Once you finish all your papers, group projects, and exams, you’ll be fine. If you focus less on your situation and more on Christmas movies, like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, these two weeks will fly by in no time.

1. When your professor assigns a final paper along with a final exam

Seriously, how could they? As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, you now have to worry about writing a final paper on top of studying for all your other exams.

2. You go from trying to look nice for class to suddenly wearing sweatpants every day

Your 9:00 a.m. alarm slowly becomes 9:30 a.m., and soon enough, you’re getting up at 10:00 a.m, rolling out of bed, putting on whichever sweats you didn’t wear the day before. It’s a sad progression, seeming that just before Thanksgiving break, you always looked cute for class. Now you’ll never have a chance with the guy in the front row of your Tuesday morning lecture, unless he’s into sweatpants, of course.

3. Realizing you have no free time whatsoever

You suddenly go from being able to go out on a Tuesday night to having no free time to do anything besides studying. Even when the little voice in the back of your head (or the girl down the hall) says you have time, you have to remind yourself that you’re booked.

4. Still trying to make an effort to go out anyways

After finally being convinced that you do have time to go out, you decide you can’t go out in sweatpants. You tear through your closet looking for the perfect outfit, but nothing seems good enough since you haven’t been out in what feels like years.

5. You begin to wonder what life is like outside your dorm room

You’ve barely left your dorm in days besides to eat, and you begin wondering if there’s life outside your dorm room. You consider going and talking with your friends down the hall, but you worry that once you’re out of your dorm, you’ll lose sight of your priorities and never come back.

6. Finding yourself doing anything to distract you from the 2 papers, 3 group projects, and 5 exams you have to work on

On the other hand, inside your dorm room, you find almost anything a distraction. Whether it be eating or watching Netflix, you’re paying zero attention to your actual priorities. Besides, Oreos are much more satisfying than reading over weeks worth of geology notes.

7. Starting to feel like you might never get a handle on all the schoolwork you have to do

No matter how late you stay up, you’re beginning to feel like you’ll never get anything done how you’d like to. You might finish your paper or your project, but neither one will be the quality work that you wish you could’ve produced if you didn’t procrastinate all semester.

8. Being in class unable to think about anything other than Christmas

Despite the fact that you should probably be paying attention during the last few classes before exam week, you can’t help but think about Christmas. You’ve already decorated your dorm room for Christmas, and you’ve been listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat ever since Halloween was over. Oh, and you’re still thinking about what gifts to buy, even though you have no money.

9. Driving out of the parking lot and never looking back after your last exam is over

The moment after you turn in your last exam, you’re leaving your college town and never looking back. Or at least until next year.

10. Arriving home with weeks until Christmas, but to you, it feels like December 25th already

As soon as you get home, you’re already in full-fledged Christmas mode. However, you’ve still got weeks for everyone else to catch up to you. Regardless, you’re just happy to be home and done with exams, obviously.