Overall, being an adult has pretty much sucked up until this point. I remember being so excited to grow up and do adult things. But, come to find out, it's not all it is cracked up to be.

If there is one thing that helps brighten up adulthood it would be a Costco card. The amount of joy that was brought upon me after purchasing my Costco card is difficult for me to describe. I thought becoming a Gold Card holder at Starbucks was the end all and be all, but I was so very wrong. Purchasing a Costco card was the turning point of adulthood. Here are nine reasons why owning a Costco card makes being an adult a little less sucky.

1. The photo on my Costco card blows the photo on my driver’s license out of the water.

2. GAS PRICES! Costco gas prices are always like $.10 cheaper than any other gas station.

3. Wholesale Vodka.

4. You always find what you need. On my latest trip, I purchased a dozen chocolate chip muffins and two pillows.

5. The muffins lead me into the next point, The Bakery. Need a cake for a birthday? Celebrating a divorce? Made it a whole week of work or school? Get a cake from Costco for under $20 that feeds the whole family and then some.

6. You can find literally anything in bulk. I bought my little sister 24 bottles of root beer for $10.

7. Need to kill some time? Go to Costco. It will take 2 hours just to make it down every aisle of the store.

8. Where else can you get pants, a mattress, 5 pounds of chicken salad, a treadmill, 35 bottles of water, 6 tubes of toothpaste, a flu shot and tires for your car all in one place?

9. Sample Ladies. I have always been quite fond of any type of sample ladies, but they usually only work on the weekends at other stores. But not at Costco! The sample ladies at Costco work 7 days a week!