The truth may sting

This is inspired by a conversation my mom and I had about how it always hurts more when you where lied to. Rather than just be told the truth.

The truth hurts,

And sometimes it burns,

So we try to cover it up with lies,

We let the pressure build,

If the truth is avoided,

We think,

Then the pain will never come,

But the truth always comes,

And the longer you lie,

The more the truth will burn,

It will no longer be that little sting,

It will be a raging fire,

That you cant escape,

It will consume you,

Confuse you,

And destroy you,

If left to long,

It’s like an infected cut,

If you put a band aid over it,

You won’t see it,

But it will fester,

Growing worse and worse,

The infection will still be there,

Growing bigger and bigger,

Until there is no denying it,

Even if you wanted to,

It’s not ‘just’ a cut anymore,

And the pain is almost unbearable,

Now every little cut worries you,

Frightens you,

What if this one gets infected to,

But if you had just got the cut treated,

Then you would be fine,

It’s the same with lying,

The more you lie,

The farther from the truth you get,

The worse it is when the truth is found out,

The harder the fall will be,

So don’t lie,

Let them feel the sting,

Don’t force them into the fire.

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