The Truth About Being a College Freshman
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The Truth About Being a College Freshman

It's harder than you think.

The Truth About Being a College Freshman

College is something most of us anxiously anticipate. We can't wait for the parties, lack of parental supervision, and all of the new friends we will make. No one tells us about the transition.

The transition from high school to college can be extremely difficult. Not only are we thrown into a whole new world, but we're expected to adapt effortlessly. At times, it can be overwhelming. The things that seem so easy to do from the outside can actually be so challenging.

Meeting new people seems like an innate quality that we have. It can't be that hard to make friends, right? Well, the truth is, just meeting random faces doesn't exactly equal making friends. If you're anything like me, at some point you took a step back and thought to yourself, "I know all of these people, but have I really made any friends? Am I supposed to feel lonely even though I'm surrounded by so many people?" Newsflash: it take a minute. The first people you meet will not necessarily be your best friends. That's okay.

The transition from high school work to college work is also a little scary. We expect that as long as we were smart in high school, we'll be fine. That could not be farther from the truth. It's a whole different set of standards. Time management becomes so much more important than it has ever been before, and we find ourselves completely and hopelessly overwhelmed by just how much we have to study. Failed tests are like bullets to our previous straight-A egos. Don't worry, study skills develop and you'll knock your next test out of the park.

The idea that we are here to have fun is a fleeting notion. Obviously, parties and events are probably the best part about college, but they are not everything. It takes a while to understand that you don't have to attend every party to have friends. This is one of the main ways that college freshman are enduring a culture shock. Go out and have fun, but don't forget that if you need to study, that's ok, too.

Our lack of parental supervision is an exciting privilege of college. We can finally be our own people and learn lessons for ourselves. This is so refreshing, but it can also be scary. At first, you don't really notice, but eventually, you realize that maybe some supervision would have prevented your lack of sleep and poor time management. We don't want to worry our parents, so we don't call every time we want to. It takes some major getting used to.

College freshmen are basically thrown into this new world. We are so wide eyed and excited to explore the possibilities that we forget to really prepare ourselves. It's hard, and, to be honest, no one on the outside really understands. Things are so much different now than they were several years ago. The pressure is higher. The courses are harder. If you know a college freshman, check on them. I mean really check on them.

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