Sara Bareilles Songs For EVERYTHING You're Feeling

Everybody has that one artist that they can just relate to. One of my all-time favorite artists is Sara Bareilles. I just find her songs to be so uplifting and heart-wrenching. Most people think that most of her songs are just sad songs, and I am here to prove that this is not the case. There is a Sara Bareilles song for many different emotions that people feel.

1. Heartbreak

This may be the easiest one for everybody to figure out. There are so many different songs that are about heartbreak from Sara Bareilles, considering that is what everyone thinks she is singing about. The best ones if you just need to cry about "that" person are probably "Manhattan" or "Gravity." There are many more, but trust me, these ones are perfect to eat a pint of ice cream to.

2. Love

Before the heartbreak comes the love. Whether it be "I Choose You," or "1000 Times," Bareilles captures the feeling of love in the most effective and beautiful ways. My personal favorite is "I Just Want You." Her voice glides over anything, reminding you of that special someone in your life.

3. Happiness

On top of everything else, there are many different songs about happiness. "Chasing the Sun" is the perfect example of being happy. This song is all about remaining hopeful and optimistic, allowing yourself to always look at the light. There is also "Everything Changes," although written for "Waitress" the musical, is still a happy song that is all about having a child come into the world.

4. Anger

"Love Song" is a stellar choice of anger. Although on the surface it may not seem angry, it is all about not doing what somebody requests of you. They have to deserve it. "Machine Gun" and "King of Anything" are both two songs that are all about somebody being too cocky, or full of themselves. We all know somebody like that, and sometimes you just ask yourself why. Well, Bareilles is also asking why in these songs.

5. Confidence

Whether it be about finding your confidence or pointing it out to others, Bareilles has those songs about confidence. Whether it be telling a girl that she will see it soon in "Beautiful Girl," or reclaiming yourself with "Little Black Dress." Sara Bareilles sings about empowerment and confidence, which is so important, because you are more than a relationship, more than what other people say. You are beautiful.

Sara Bareilles is truly an inspirational artist. Many do not seem to give her the chance I think she deserves, but if you are inclined to do so, I highly recommend it.

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