The True Magic Of Christmas
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The True Magic Of Christmas

It's magical, alright.

The True Magic Of Christmas

Christmas time throughout the years.

As a kid, Christmas meant one thing; presents, presents, and more presents. It was the most exciting time because you knew that underneath that pretty tree would be some of the greatest things. You decorated the tree, had festive things hung around the house. Christmas music filled the air and everything seemed happy. You made a list, talked to Santa, made him some cookies, and maybe even left a carrot for Rudolph. It was a magical time when going to best was exciting, knowing Santa will come while you were asleep. The faster you were asleep the faster morning will come.

As you grow older it starts to change. Of course the gifts, tree, music, and happiness don't lose their magic, but it's more than that now. As you mature it seems to be so much more than that. You start to appreciate it more than you used to. Things start to become more important, there's something even more special. It's not all the gifts under the tree that Santa brought, but gifts that are exchanged out of love. The true meaning of Christmas starts to become more apparent than it used to be.

You get to spend so much time with all your loved ones. Everyone gets together and really appreciates each other and everything they do. The gifts and decorations are way more than that. Christmas become more about the love, laughter, memories, appreciation, and time spent together. You still find time to be excited about it, it's still just as great the night before, but not because of Santa, because of who you get to spend it with. Every family, every person, celebrates each holiday a different way and I think for each one this idea of growing up to appreciate it is real. The holidays end up more about the time spent with loved ones and not all the materialistic components of it.

Hold your love ones tight. Make great memories. It's the holiday season, share the joy with those around you and really take the time to appreciate what you have. Do something for others, give back. Bring that joy to the people who may be struggling to bring it to themselves. Take the time to reflect about what you have and what you're grateful for. There's something truly heartwarming about this time of year. It really, really, is a magical time.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all a Happy Holidays.

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