The Top 5 Dos and Don'ts for your First Sick Day at School

After the first few weeks of school every year, it starts to go around. The sickness that spreads through tired students quicker than anything else, taking more and more victims daily. This illness seems like an interruption in your normal life- there goes your plans with friends, here comes make-up work your already busy schedule won't allow for. However, these days can be a blessing in disguise, as long as you know what to do with them.

1. Do Not Spend The Whole Day On Homework

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Although missing work might have you scrambling to finish your assignments, don't spend your whole day stressing over them. This will only make you feel worse.

2. Do Take Time To Sleep

Sleep for as long as possible- your body needs it. Make sure to sleep through the night if you can and take some naps.

3. Don't Get Dehydrated

Continue to drink so your body can heal, whether it's tea, water, or Gatorade.

4. Do Let Your Friends And Family Help You

If people close to you offer help, let them help you. When you're sick and low, it's not always possible for you to do everything for yourself. Let those close to you show their love, and then remember that the next time they're feeling down.

5. Don't Push Yourself

After a day or two of being sick, it's tempting to push yourself back into your regular schedule. Pay attention to your body, and make sure you're well enough before you hop back into your regular routine.

School is busy, so when you get a sick day, it's important you take care of yourself and take a load off from your crazy schedule.

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